Llewellyn Sinclair, the musical director of Oh! Streetcar!. His sister, Ms. Sinclair, runs the Ayn Rand School for Tots.

Llewellyn is a short-tempered, argumentative, and cantankerous perfectionist. Originally, Marge is turned down for the part of Blanche, but after seeing how sad she really is, he realizes she's perfect. He insinuates that he once reduced a class of fourth graders to tears but got a decent review. In the musical, he plays Pablo, which was originally played by Otto but Otto "didn't work out". In the end, the musical is a success, which Llewelyn takes all the credit for.

He also took part in a record attempt for the world's tallest human pyramid.[1]

Later, he decides to give up his job and becomes a waiter.

Fears of a Clown



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