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Oh, for Pete's sake
―Lois' reaction to Peter's comic in The Simpsons Guy

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Lois Patrice Griffin (née Pewterschmidt) (Born June 3) is Peter Griffin's wife, the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin and the owner of a talking dog, Brian Griffin in the TV series Family Guy. She is best friends with her neighbor, Bonnie Swanson. She appears in the episode Homerland and a crossover special, The Simpsons Guy. Her née maiden name is Lois Patrice Pewterschidt. She, like the rest of the Griffins, has skin Homer, a yellow-skinned person, would describe as "albino".


In the episode "Homerland", Lois appeared in the ending credits. The ending credits had a reprise of the episode's couch gag, where The Simpsons, along with the characters for a bunch of other FOX TV shows such as Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burgers were all having a 25th season of The Simpsons party. Lois was depicted as a Simpsonized version of herself, looking mainly the same as she does in the Family Guy series, only with the one vital difference of her skin being yellow.

In the episode The Simpsons Guy, Lois had to leave Quahog because her husband made an offensive comment and was run out of town by a bunch of feminists. She ended up in Springfield, where she and her family lived among The Simpsons. Lois befriended Marge and the two of them watched Surfs Up 2 together. Eventually, they left and went back to Quahog again.


Lois is a tall and skinny woman with bright orange hair and slightly tanned white skin. She has a rounded triangular-shaped head and a big, pointy, triangular nose. She has round and far apart eyes two tiny eyelashes on each eye. She wears blue pearl earrings and red lipstick. She has a green buttoned shirt and tan pants. She also wears red shoes.


Lois is a hard-working and doting housewife. She is the voice of reason to Peter and is always having to handle, putting up with all of his ridiculous antics. Although she seems to be very prim and perfect, she only acts that way because she has to and she's being repressed. Lois is really a wild and crazy girl who wants to have fun in life. She wants to act like a profane and disgusting party animal and run around acting like she's forever young. Due to Peter expressing this even more openly and having the tendency to express this at inappropriate times, that she would never express them during, she always has to be the sane one and take care of everything herself. Lois' personality is also a bit dark and cruel, as she has expressed alcoholism, drug abuse, fetishes for sadomasochism, thoughts of drowning her children, occasional urges to kill her husband, and a lot of other horrible things. She's definitely not as happy-go-lucky as Peter when she lets her id run free and unlike Peter, she never learns her lesson about what she did wrong and things never get fixed and put back to normal again in the end, so being repressed by her husband like this, although stressful and sad for her, serves a good purpose.

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  • Lois was originally going to have blonde hair and a pink top.
    • This explains why her biological son, Chris has blonde hair when she has red hair and Peter has brown hair.
  • Lois never wanted to be a mother. Her plan in life was for her to be on the Olympic diving team, but one night, when having sex with Peter, the condom broke and when they tried to get an abortion, the doctor only had one arm, so they backed out of it. Eventually, they were forced to have Meg, which inaugurated what we know now as The Griffin family.
  • Lois used to work as a circus freak. She was a dwarf creature who jumped on a trampoline and shouted: "Me likey bouncy!"
  • She considers herself Protestant, but is technically Jewish. Her mother, Babs Pewterschmidt is of Jewish descent.


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