You got it, boss.
― Louie's catchphrase
Whoa! Where did that come from?! Whoa!
―Louie, when Johnny Tightlips called him a "Hybrid; Half idiot, half moron"
You're all talk, Hamill. You never even finished Jedi school.
― Louie insulting Mark Hamill[src]

Louis "Louie" Walters is a member of the Springfield Mafia. He accompanies his boss, Fat Tony, his new boss, Fit-Fat Tony, and Legs. He has curly afro black hair. Louie, Legs and Johnny Tightlips are the muscle. Fat Tony is his boss, and then later, Fit-Fat Tony became his new boss, and he always listens to both of them, doing whatever told. Despite being usually timid and a bit of a klutz, he isn't afraid to kill or wound anyone who gets in his way.


Louie first appeared in Bart the Murderer. He and the other mafia members got arrested for the "Murder" of Seymour Skinner. They all play against Bart, who he and the mafia took under their wing as their bartender, until Skinner barged into the courtroom, revealing to be alive, ending the trial and releasing Bart and the mafia from prison.

Even in Moe Baby Blues, when Fat Tony plans on "Taking out the Castellaneta Family," Louie became hesitant due to his "Passion for whacking [now] waning," resulting Fat Tony to reboost his confidence by entertaining him, Legs, and Johnny with Don Corleone's orange peel in the mouth technique. When that worked, Louie then says that "[He] could whack [his] own mother now." But then when Fat Tony says that he's glad he brought it up, Louie immediately got worried on what he just said about his mother, admitting that she makes good pasta sauce (Obviously revealing that he loves his mother very much), but then rebukes his worries when Johnny tells him the sauce comes from a can, making him reply that "She's a corpse," indicating that either his mother might've already passed away, or if he considered killing her upon learning about what Johnny just said about her sauce.

Then later, when Moe Szyslak saves Maggie Simpson from an "Italian-American-Mexican Standoff" at Luigi's, Louie, among Fat Tony's gang, the Castellaneta Family, and President of the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League, broke down crying upon being touched by Maggie's innocence when Moe, while saving her, pointed it out on how it changed his life before.

In The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and her Homer, Johnny also described Louie as a "Hybrid; Half idiot, half moron," when Louie asked if he, Legs, and Johnny can stop at the Lexus dealership to try out a new car hybrid after they visit the recuperating Fat Tony with his son, Michael D'Amico, at the hospital.


Louie is depicted as being your average cartoon mafia-goon; Usually being naïve, and comically incompetent at his job just like the rest of the mafia goons.

He often confuses certain mafia slang terms for something real and serious regarding the mafia's way of killing people and things. Such as when he mistakenly thought Fat Tony wanted him to destroy his Electronic Palm Pilot by shooting it, claiming it needs to be "Hot-synced," when the said device failed to remind Fat Tony of the sit-down with the Calabreses, their rival mobsters.

Behind the Laughter

According to Dan Castellaneta, he modeled Louie's voice after Italian-American actor, Joe Pesci, who also had a role in Goodfellas. A reference to him is in Futurama as Clamps in the Robot Mafia. According to actor Frank Sivero, Louie is based on Frank Carbone, a character he played in Goodfellas.[1][2]

Due to his behavior (Like confusing phrases and impulsivity), he might have some neuro-divergent disorder (Example: Autism/Aspergers and ADHD).

Non-Canon Appearances

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Video games

He appeared in The Simpsons: Hit and Run. He challenges a character the player plays as to a race on which he/she bets on and must complete within an allotted time. He can be found in all the levels.

He appeared in The Simpsons Game. When the aliens arrive in Springfield, Louie is seen by the Kwik-E-Mart talking to Jimbo who questions why don't Louie and the rest of the mafia just shoot and kill the aliens. Louie says that they don't say "The mafia," they call it their thing and Jimbo says it sound like they're talking about their dong. Louie then says he's right and that maybe they're better at saying mafia, and then says that they're gonna blast them (The aliens) back to Florida.



  • In Mayored to the Mob, he is shown to be left-handed.
  • In Seasons 3-13, his business suit and pants were black, and then they changed to blue like his necktie, starting in Season 14.
  • He says that tear gas is "[His] one weakness," which is most likely an embellishment.


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