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You got it, boss.
― Louie's catchphrase
Whoa! Where did that come from?! Whoa!
―Louie, when Johnny Tightlips called him a "Hybrid; Half idiot, half moron"
You're all talk, Hamill. You never even finished Jedi school.
― Louie insulting Mark Hamill[src]

Louis "Louie" Walters is a member of the Springfield Mafia. He accompanies his old boss, Fat Tony, his current boss, Fit-Fat Tony, Legs, and, at times, Johnny Tightlips. He, along with Legs and Johnny, is the muscle. Fat Tony is his boss, and then later, Fit-Fat Tony became his new boss, and he always listens to both of them, doing whatever told. Despite being usually timid and a bit of a klutz, he isn't afraid to kill or wound anyone who gets in his way.


Louie, as stated before, is a mobster working for Fat Tony. He is most of the time seen as the funny, most talkative, and sometimes klutzy and timid member of the mafia, who likes to act tough to amateurishly show that he's "Never afraid."


Louie has short curly black hair like an afro. He wears a dark blue suit and pants with a white shirt and blue necktie. In Seasons 3-13, his business suit and pants were black at first, and then, in some episodes in Seasons 10-13, they changed to dark blue, and then officially starting in Season 14, they stayed dark blue. He also sometimes carries a switchblade with him to fidget or attack with.[1]


Louie is depicted as being your average cartoon mafia goon; Usually being naïve, and comically incompetent at his job just like the rest of the mafia goons.

He is also a member of the NRA, as shown in "The Cartridge Family."

He also acts tough to show how "Intimidating" he can be, as shown at one point in the show in "Mayored to the Mob" when he insulted Mark Hamill in his face by telling him off that "[He's] all talk[, Hamill.]" and "[That he] never even finished Jedi School." before punching him in the face when the actor called him out for stealing the show's performance from him with his tap-dancing in the dinner theater stage production of Guys and Dolls, when in actuality, Louie was trying to perform a sneak-attack to kill Mayor Quimby under Fat Tony's orders.

He often confuses certain mafia slang terms for something real and serious regarding the mafia's way of killing people and things, such as when he mistakenly thought Fat Tony wanted him to destroy his Electronic Palm Pilot by shooting it, claiming it needs to be "Hot-synced," when the said device failed to remind Fat Tony of the sit-down with the Calabresis, their rival mobsters.[2]

Louie and the other mobsters have also shown fear of angering Fat Tony and Fit-Fat Tony.[3][4][5] He's also, at times, scared to ask for clarification due to his fear of getting "Taken care" of.[6]


Louie first appeared in “Bart the Murderer,” when he and Legs brought Bart Simpson to the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club to Fat Tony, where he became their bartender. Eventually, he, Bart, and the other mafia members got arrested for the suspected murder of Seymour Skinner. They all play against Bart, until Skinner barged into the courtroom, revealing to be alive the whole time, ending the trial and releasing Bart and the mafia from prison.

He then appeared in “Homie the Clown” assisting Fat Tony and Legs, with Don Vittorio DiMaggio’s help, in trying to have Krusty the Clown pay them his money on a gambling bet they made on a Harlem Globetrotter basketball game Krusty lost at.

Then in “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson,” he helped Fat Tony and Legs keep Marge Simpson’s Pretzel Wagon business alive against her competitors under Homer Simpson’s request to help her.

Later in “Mayored to the Mob,” Louie was tasked with assassinating Quimby by Fat Tony during a dinner theater production of Guys and Dolls due to the mayor, under Homer’s convincing, shutting down Fat Tony's rat milking operation, although he was ultimately prevented from doing so by both Hamill and Homer. (The latter acting as Quimby's bodyguard at that time) Besides Quimby, Fat Tony also indicated to Louie that he wanted Quimby’s wife, as well as his cat and dog, assassinated afterwards in that order, although because Louie had trouble with both paying attention to Fat Tony's list of commands and writing them down, Fat Tony instead ordered him with some exhasperation to just stick with assassinating the mayor, with Louie obliging, although not before getting the sense that he irritated Fat Tony in the process.

Even in "Moe Baby Blues," when Fat Tony plans on "[Taking] out the Castellaneta Family.", Louie became hesitant due to "[His] passion for whacking [now] waning.", resulting Fat Tony to reboost his confidence by entertaining him, Legs, and Johnny with Don Corleone's orange peel in the mouth technique from The Godfather. When that worked, Louie then says while laughing at it that "[He] could whack [his] own mother now." But then when Fat Tony says that he's glad he brought it up, Louie immediately got worried on what he just said about his mother, admitting that she makes good pasta sauce, (Obviously revealing that he loves his mother very much) but then rebukes his worries when Johnny tells him the sauce comes from a can, making him reply that "She's a corpse.", indicating that either his mother might've already passed away, or if he considered killing her upon learning what Johnny just said about her sauce. Then later, when Moe Szyslak saves Maggie Simpson from an "Italian-American-Mexican Standoff" at Luigi's, Louie, among Fat Tony's gang, the Castellaneta Family, and President of the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League, broke down crying upon being touched by Maggie's innocence when Moe, while saving her, pointed out how it changed his life before.

In "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer," Johnny also described Louie as a "Hybrid; Half idiot, half moron.", when Louie asked if he, Legs, and Johnny could stop at the Lexus dealership to try out a new car hybrid after they visit the recuperating Fat Tony at the hospital with Fat Tony's son, Michael D'Amico.

In his cameo appearance in "Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh," he, along with Fat Tony, Legs, and Johnny, is completely the most terrified of Batman, due to the fact that the aforementioned superhero would beat a villain up for a confession.

In "The Fat Blue Line," Louie, at first, tried to get a mafia lawyer for Fit-Fat Tony to help his boss in his trial for the wallet pickpocketing that Fit-Fat Tony was framed for. Then later, after Fit-Fat Tony was wrongfully found guilty for that aforementioned crime, Louie and the other members of the mafia originally had Johnny as his boss, revealing that the latter temporally betrayed Fit-Fat Tony by framing him for the wallet pickpocketing, but after Fit-Fat Tony cleared his name and exposed Johnny as the real pickpocket with the police's help, Louie then reaccepted Fit-Fat Tony as his boss again along with the other members of the mafia.

In his cameo appearance in "Diary Queen," Louie asked Fit-Fat Tony if he, Legs, and Johnny can kill Bart and Milhouse Van Houten upon spotting them seeing them dump Frankie the Squealer's body into the river, Fit-Fat Tony told them no because they don't kill nosy children unless they are 18 years old or over.

Louie was even seen in one scene in "Uncut Femmes" watching and enjoying with Johnny a beauty runway show on TV while Fit-Fat Tony watched over Ralph Wiggum while Homer and Chief Wiggum were searching for Marge and Sarah Wiggum.


Louie and Johnny were even hinted to possibly be pansexual in "Uncut Femmes", when they were both attracted to a gender-fluid person.

Behind the Laughter

According to Dan Castellaneta, he modeled Louie's voice after Italian-American actor Joe Pesci, who also had a role in Goodfellas. A reference to him is in Futurama as Clamps in the Robot Mafia. According to actor Frank Sivero, Louie is based on Frank Carbone, a character he played in Goodfellas.[7][8]

Due to his behavior, like confusing phrases and impulsivity, he might have some neuro-divergent disorder. (Example: Autism/Aspergers and ADHD)

Non-Canon Appearances

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Video games

He appeared in The Simpsons: Hit and Run. He challenges a character the player plays as to a race on which he/she bets on and must complete within an allotted time. He can be found in all the levels.

He also appeared in The Simpsons Game. When the aliens arrive in Springfield, Louie is seen by the Kwik-E-Mart talking to Jimbo Jones, who questions on why Louie and the rest of the mafia just shoot and kill the aliens. Louie explains that they don't say "The mafia," because they call it their thing, making Jimbo say it sounds like they're talking about their dong. Louie then tells Jimbo that he's right and that maybe they're better at saying "Mafia," and then says that they're gonna blast them (The aliens) back to Florida.


Louie also has a son named Louie Jr., who is part of Michael’s junior mafia alongside Legs’ son, Calves.


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  • In "Mayored to the Mob," he is shown to be left-handed, as well as a good tap-dancer while holding his knife by its blade in his teeth.
  • His necktie and business suit, in some shots of some episodes, also keep changing from loose and unbuttoned to and/or from tucked in and buttoned at times. Even his necktie and business suit keeps changing lengths between short and/or long in different shots in some episodes.
  • He even nervously admitted to Fat Tony in "Donnie Fatso" that he brings his own candy when going to the movies, when Fat Tony got angry at him for keeping some ketchup packets instead of pasta sauce packets and then asked him in suspicion and anger on what other secrets he's keeping from him.
  • In "The Seven-Beer Snitch," he says that tear gas is "[His] one weakness," which is most likely an embellishment.