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Love is a Many-Splintered Thing is the twelfth episode of Season 24.


Bart's heart strings are pulled once again when Mary Spuckler returns to Springfield. But his failure to pay her plenty of attention strains their relationship. Marge puts Homer in the doghouse, too.

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Narrating the episode, Bart looks upon his failure with girls, particularly Mary Spuckler. At school, Bart learns that Mary has returned to Springfield due to her failed career as an actress (being only used in commercials) and was allowed back to the Spuckler home after the events of "Moonshine River". The two soon start a relationship, which quickly spirals downward because Bart is more focused on video games than Mary.

Lisa warns Bart to not take Mary for granted, but he still does, prompting Mary to explain to Bart that the two of them should take a break. Bart soon catches on when he finds out that Mary has found a new love for a Brazilian boy.

Later on, whilst Homer and Marge are in an argument, Bart takes Homer's side by saying that men cannot understand what women are saying because women never say exactly what is on their minds. Surprised, Marge explains to Homer what she exactly thinks about him, and soon Bart and Homer are kicked out of the house.

The two eventually settle into the Brokewood Apartments, an apartment where other husbands live after being kicked out by their wives. Bart and Homer grow accustomed to their new lifestyle, but are soon tired and, along with the other husbands, attempt to win their loved ones back.

The men are soon watching British romantic comedies (also known as rom coms). Later, they invite the women over and serenade them with a song to the tune of The Ode of Joy. Almost all of the women are wooed, except Mary, who is still dating the Brazilian boy after she tells Bart that they would not work out.

The episode finishes with Bart on a social media site and finding that Mary's relationship status is "single", possibly due to the Brazilian boy's death after his marriage with Mary. Bart later writes "I miss you" as a message to her.


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