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Luca$ (Luca-Dollar) is the seventeenth episode of Season 25.


Lisa dates a boy named Lucas Bortner, who wants to be a competitive eater. Marge becomes concerned that Lisa is trying to marry a boy that is just like Homer. Also, Bart helps Snake Jailbird break out of jail and starts to receive gifts from him, making Milhouse jealous.

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The episode begins at the school, where Homer is sleeping in the playground Spiral Stairs. Marge is dropping Bart and Lisa off at school, and they are hiding so they can preserve their reputations. Homer explains his story and suddenly, the Spiral Stairs fall over. Bart is later seen in Principal Skinner's Office, giving an alibi on why he was tardy. Skinner plans to pursue physical action, and while he is distracted with Willie, Bart runs out and manages to escape Skinner, whose car accidentally reverses into the Auto Shop. Bart takes refuge in his treehouse, where he discovers that Snake Jailbird is hiding there. Snake reveals he is commuting crimes to help his son, Jeremy. Chief Wiggum arrives, thinking Snake is there, so Bart gives false information by saying that Snake has climbed to the top of Mount Springfield.

Back at school, Lisa sees a boy choking on pizza. She performs the Heimlich Maneuver on him, and he reveals his name is Lucas (or as he pronounces it, Luca-dollar, because of the $ in his name) Bortner and he's a competitive eater. She doesn't think that competitive eating is for him, and suddenly gets a crush on him. She then thinks about changing him.

Snake, grateful for Bart's actions, steals a PlayStadium 4 (Parody of the PlayStation 4) and leaves it in Bart's room. Milhouse suspects something, and thinks it was stolen. Lucas arrives at the Simpson House for a meeting with Lisa about his eating strategies. Inside the house, Patty and Selma start insulting Lucas, and comparing him to Homer.

Marge, who is eavesdropping on Lisa and Lucas, believes Lisa is going to marry Lucas and ruin her future. She soon tells Homer to take Lisa on a 'date' at a fancy restaurant and act like a gentleman, but Homer is (at first) reluctant, and he takes offense when he thinks that Marge thinks that marrying a person like him is a bad thing.

Bart goes up to the treehouse, where he finds out Snake stole Milhouse's myPad. Milhouse confronts Bart and demands how Bart received so many free gifts. Bart reveals his secret, which turns out to be a mistake because Milhouse reveals Snake to the authorities, who vow to execute him in the Electric Chair. At Moe's, Homer finally (sort of) gets the courage to ask Lisa out for dinner, which she immediately accepts. Bart cycles to the Police Station and explains Snake's story to release him. Chief Wiggum rejects, but Snake escapes anyway, vowing to go straight, otherwise the cops have to kill him.

On his 'date' with Lisa, Homer vows not to embarrass Marge, He soon finds Marge there, who explains that she is sorry. Homer forgives Marge when she reveals herself to be wearing a beautiful purple dress, which she bought after selling the sewing machine she never used.

Back at school, Lisa discovers Lucas quit competitive eating and he chooses to do "What Adele does". Lisa tries to teach him how to whistle, but he fails.

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