Lucille Botzcowski, also known as Ms. Botz and The Babysitter Bandit, was once the babysitter of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.


Lucille Botzcowski was an escaped criminal, known as "The Babysitter Bandit". Hired by Homer from the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Babysitting Service, she was to babysit the kids while he and Marge stayed at a motel. After her arrival, the children discovered her true identity as robber on a television show, but were captured and tied up before they could stop her. She then started looting The Simpsons' house, but was eventually thwarted and captured by Bart, Lisa and Maggie. While the kids called for help from a pay phone, since Lucille had disabled the house phones, Homer and Marge returned home, only to find The Babysitter Bandit hog-tied with her mouth taped shut, staring uncontrollably at The Happy Little Elves videotape. Deceiving Homer into freeing her, she advised him to "never take your eyes off the boy", before escaping in time to evade the police. Ms. Botzocowski apparently remained free for some time as she was briefly mentioned in a newscast in "Bart's Dog Gets an F" that police are looking for her.

A wanted sign featuring her photograph was briefly depicted on the notice board in the Springfield Police Station behind Chief Wiggum's desk, but showed her sporting brown hair.[1] She later appeared to have been arrested and remanded to an insane asylym, as she was seen in a cell at Calmwood Mental Hospital, pacing back and forth. The cell door was unlocked and unguarded;[2]it is unknown if she escaped or not.




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