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Lucius Sweet is the boxing manager of Drederick Tatum and the former boxing manager of Moe Szyslak.


Sweet began his career in grade school, working his way up from managing schoolyard bullies to promoting (and profiting from) rigged spit wad battles and the annual mud wrestling tournament at the Springfield Slough. As a young man, he discovered and managed Kid Moe, but the pug-ugly fighter's career was short lived. A short prison sentence for tax evasion changed Sweet's fortunes forever, when he met a young man named Drederick Tatum. Under Sweet's guidance, Tatum was transformed from street fighter to heavyweight champ. Wherever Drederick is, you'll find Lucius by his side giving 110% and only taking 95% of the purse[1].

Sweet learned of Homer's talent when Homer started boxing, and asked Moe to let Homer fight Drederick Tatum. He made the deal that Homer had to go through at least three rounds against Tatum. However, he was severely disappointed when Homer couldn't even last one before being airlifted by Moe, declaring with disgust that Moe will always be a loser. He also had a speaking role in "The Trouble with Trillions", where he was seen arrested for tax evasion along with Gil and Homer.

Behind the Laughter

Lucius and Dredrick

Lucius Sweet is a parody of Don King and is voiced by Paul Winfield. It was said that Sweet is "exactly as rich and famous as Don King and looks just like him too." Incidentally, Winfield also played Don King in the 1995 TV movie Tyson.




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