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Lugash is a Hungarian gymnastics instructor.


He has a thick Hungarian accent and a large, brown curled moustache.


His origin is a bit mysterious as he says that he came into the United States in 1983. However, Ms. Pommelhorst claims that he defected into Germany, by "cartwheeling over the Berlin Wall".

Training Techniques

His harsh but effective training techniques helped Lisa to achieve a high standard of gymnastic ability. He also has a habit of confiscating his students' cats and dogs, only giving them back when the student has accomplished a physical task. Once however, he refused to give back a girl's dog, but gave her someone else's cat instead.

Anger Management

He goes to anger management classes and threatens to spit on them.


Apparently, he thinks Lisa (who is only eight), is a "grandma". This is probably a joke poking fun at the stereotype of European countries beginning to train potential future Olympic gymnasts at a very young age.

Behind the Laughter

  • He’s based on former U.S. gymnastics coach Béla Károlyi, who has his own gym.
  • Lugash‘s tracksuit has the same colors as Dark Heart’s tracksuit from the 1986 film Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation