That's despicable. You're the kind of city slicker my family left Central Park West to avoid. You got a lot of chutzpah, missy. Good-bye.
―Luke Stetson[src]

Luke Stetson is Lisa's thirteen year old ex-boyfriend at the Lazy I Ranch.

When the Simpsons went to a ranch, Lisa was upset that everybody there was careless. Suddenly, a boy named Luke appears and Lisa takes a liking for him.

Marge was then upset Lisa was growing up. Later Lisa discovered Luke had, what she believed to be, a girlfriend named Clara. When Lisa encountered her while riding a horse and sent her the wrong way.

Later, at the barn dance, Luke revealed that Clara was in fact his sister. Filled with regret, Lisa set out to save Clara, who had ended up falling into the middle of a river.

Luke was unaware of her actions (for he says that Clara had not told him anything), before dumping her after she revealed to him that she had believed Clara to be his girlfriend and thus tried to keep them apart.


Luke wears a blue t-shirt, blue jeans with a brown belt, brown cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.




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