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Mac Tonight is a fictional character used in the marketing for McDonald's restaurants during the mid-1980s. He first appeared as a cutout in the Season 17 episode, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore" and first physically appeared in Homer's imagination in the Season 32 episode, "Burger Kings"


His first appearance was technically in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore" where Homer pulls out a cardboard cutout of Mac Tonight and tells the family to do what Mac Tonight said after Bart tells Homer that the thermostat was actually painted on the wall and then uses a phone painted on the wall to call for someone to come over to look at the thermostat.

He physically appears in Homer's dreams in "Burger Kings" as well as an introductory character after the intro. In the episode he convinces him to speak out against X-Cell-Ent Burger.



  • He is seen playing a piano on a cloud, which is featured in many of his McDonalds commercials.
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