'Tis the 30th Season
Mad About the Toy
The Girl on The Bus
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Grampa: You're my kind of man, if you know what I mean.

(Philip then kisses Grampa)

Grampa: That's not what I meant!

Philip: I'm sorry, I thought you wanted me to.

Grampa: This is the 40's, guys like you don't exist.

Philip: We'll just finish the session.

Grampa: Aah! No! Stop shooting!

Philip: Where are you going, soldier?

Grampa: I got to remind myself what a real man is.

Kent Brockman: Tonight I'm here with a member of the greatest generation, who feels he hasn't gotten what he's owed. 

Abe: I get social security, Medicare, Medicaid, AARP discounts, plus savings bonds that still pay 37%... but now it's my turn!

Kent Brockman: I'm being told, uh, you're being airlifted - to a much better show.

Abe: For me, the tiny green plastic war never ended. 

Lawrence O'Donnell: There you have it. Abraham Simpson, forgotten hero no more, gets tonight's Last Word. 

Abe: No, you just got the last word.

Lawrence O'Donnell: No, no. You get the last word, then I say, "Last Word." 

Abe: You did it again! Last Word. 

Lawrence O'Donnell: It doesn't work that way. Last Word.

Abe: Yes, it does. Last Word.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Don't mess with me, I'm from Dorchester. Last Word.

Abe: I'm from Poorchester. Last Word. 

Lawrence O'Donnell: Turn off the camera and cut his mic.

Abe: Last Wo... 

Lawrence O'Donnell: You, sir, are banned from MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, and forbidden from using the letters N, B, and C. Last Word. 

Abe: I'm calling Bret Baier. Last Word.

Lawrence O'Donnell: He's unlisted. Last Word.

Philip: It's never too late, Abe. Never too late to find out what your true self is. A paper at Cornell University has showed that no one is 100% straight or gay. 

Abe: Is it peer reviewed? 

Philip: Does it matter?

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