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Maggie in Peril: Chapter One
Maggie in Peril: The Thrilling Conclusion
Bart, Lisa. Keep an eye on Maggie.
Homer Simpson

Maggie in Peril: Chapter One is the forty-sixth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show April 30, 1989. It is the only two-parter episode in the Simpsons shorts.


Bart and Lisa do a poor job babysitting for Maggie when Dad and Mom leave to go shopping for weed killer. Unsupervised, Maggie hops on Bart's skateboard and rolls through a sewage pipe to a waterfall. As she goes over the falls, viewers are told it will be continued the following week.

The Simpsons Short - Maggie in Peril (Part One)

The Simpsons Short - Maggie in Peril (Part One)

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