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Hans Moleman in the original film.

Man Getting Hit by Football (also referred to as Football in the Groin) is a short film made by Hans Moleman that was submitted to the Springfield Film Festival. It is a short film that depicts Moleman getting hit in the groin with a football, then falling to the ground.

Homer Simpson loved Moleman's film and found it to be hysterically funny. Through tears of laughter, Homer said, "Give that man the ten thousand dollars!" which prompted Jay Sherman to sharply remind him that "this isn't America's Funniest Home Videos."

When the film festival jury convened to vote for the best film, Homer initially voted for Moleman's movie. Between deliberations, Jay Sherman gets hit in the groin with a football (and Nelson says "Ha-Ha!" afterward). The voting is deadlocked between Barney's film, Pukahontas, and Mr. Burns' film, A Burns for All Seasons. Marge convinces Homer to give some serious consideration before officially casting his vote, and Homer changed his vote to Barney's film.


George C. Scott by Homer Simpson in the remake.

Several months later, a remake (starring George C. Scott in Moleman's role, as voiced by Maurice LaMarche) was produced. It won an Academy Award, beating out A Burns for All Seasons which had been Mr. Burns' entry in the Springfield Film Festival, despite Mr. Burns "bribing everyone in Hollywood."