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Think differently.
―Motto of Mapple

Mapple is a company founded by Steve Mobbs. It sells Mapple computers and related products and services. Lisa owns several Mapple devices, including a MyPod and a Mapple computer.[1]


Mapple's headquarters are located under the sea. The company logo is an apple that has two bites missing from it. The company slogan, as seen on its posters, is "Think Differently". However, when Lisa Simpson visited Steve Mobbs to ask for a reduced payment plan on her MyBill, Mobbs informed her that the real slogan was "No Refunds".[2]

Mapple owns and operates the Mapple Stores, which are retail shops that sell Mapple's products and services. The stores can be found in a wide variety of locations, including Springfield Mall.

It is implied that Mobbs had once been fired in 1998 from his own company before being brought back.

Lisa worked for them, advertising Mapple products dressed up as a MyPod.

Product line[]


Mapple's undersea headquarters

Mapple's products and services include the following:

All Mapple products are portrayed as being very expensive; even the fake earbuds 'MyPhonies' cost $40.

Behind the Laughter[]

  • Mapple, its logo, and its product line are a parody of Apple. All appear to have minor differences from their real-life counterparts, presumably for copyright reasons.
    • The expensiveness of Mapple's products is a reference to how Apple devices are often perceived as expensive, particularly its Mac line of computers.
  • To enter Mapple's headquarters, people make a one month journey in a USB submarine, and enter the building through a USB port.