Treehouse of Horror XVI
Marge's Son Poisoning
See Homer Run
Homer: (counting lifts) 96, 13, 64, banana...

Bart: Sorry, Mom, I can't. I'm playing a video game. [we then see that Bart's game is "A Tandem Bike Ride With Your Mom"] Big hill! Pedal faster! Now enjoy scenery! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Marge: Bart, you’re a wild heck-raiser, and I don’t want to see you turn in to THAT.
[Pointing at Seymour]
Seymour: What? A wall?

(outside the Simpsons' house, Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph are singing "My Sharona"; music from The Knack. Homer throws his arm wrestling trophy through the window. They stop singing)
Homer: That song is a pop music footnote! (beat) I didn't say "stop"!
(the bullies continue singing. End episode and roll credits)

Chalmers: Next up on the Springfield Elementary Karaoke Showcase is... SKINNERRRRR! and Mrs. SKINNERRRR!

Homer: Marge, you are worth more to me than all the pie-eating contests in the world.
Marge: I thought it was arm-wrestling.
Homer: I stopped by at a pie-eating contest on the way home.

(Homer gets into a bumper car and drives away)
Sarcastic Guy: (to Marge) Don't worry. He's not connected to the power supply, so he can't go far. Heh, heh, heh. Gulp.
(Homer's car gets connected to a power cable and wreaks havoc on the street before trapping Wiggum in his squad car)
Wiggum: Oooh, he's got us in the corner. I hate this ride!

Marge: (reading note at tea shop) Loyal customers, we have been forced to close forever. It seems our cakes were filled with rat droppings. It's not that we're bad people, we just weren't paying close attention. Ta-ta!
Bart: What it say?
Marge: (crumbling the note) Ah... she died.

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