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Marge Gets a Job
New Kid on the Block
Good news, boy! I found a pharmacy that carries leeches! Well, it wasn't exactly a pharmacy ... more of a bait shop.
Grampa uses old home remedies on Bart

"Marge Gets a Job" is the seventh episode of Season 4.


When the house needs expensive repairs, Marge is forced to get a job to help make ends meet. She is hired at the nuclear power plant and Mr. Burns quickly becomes attracted to her. Meanwhile, Bart tries his darnedest to get out of taking a test at school.

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The far left side of the Simpsons' house is sinking and they have to somehow raise $8500 to repair the foundations. Against Homer's wishes, Marge gets a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; the job was previously held by the newly retired — even though he did not want to retire, and was only an excuse so Mr. Burns could host a party — Jack Marley.

Meanwhile, Bart doesn't want to take a test at school, so he fakes a stomachache, and Mrs. Krabappel to ask him if he has ever read The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

From his office, Mr. Burns watches surveillance footage of his plant without enthusiasm. When Marge appears, however, he is enamored and begins a crusade to win her affection. He begins to take advice as to cheer up things around the plant; for example, "Funny Hat Day" and Tom Jones music.

Bart returns to school, but when Mrs. Krabappel suggests that he take a makeup test, he immediately begins to groan. ("Ohh, my ovaries!") Grandpa comes to get Bart on the way home and again asks if he has read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Again, Bart is unfazed.

When Bart returns to school once more, he is forced to take the makeup test. He begins to protest, but Mrs. Krabappel is unimpressed. She scolds Bart for his behavior and tells his symptoms; he has had "smallpox, the bends, and an unfortunate bout of Tourette's syndrome." She places him alone outside the classroom, hands him the test, and leaves.

At Krustylu Studios, the taping of Krusty the Clown's latest show is not going well. A wildlife expert is visiting, and with her is a large hawk and an Alaskan timberwolf, who she warns is spooked by loud noises. Unfortunately for the wolf, "loud" is the word of the day (a la "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"). Celebration and noise ensues, and the wolf gets terrified and escapes the studio.

The beast runs to Springfield Elementary School, where it attacks Bart outside the classroom. He cries, "Wolf!" but Mrs. Krabappel ignores his pleas. Groundskeeper Willie rescues him only after serious damage has been done, and after all of Bart's lies, no one believes that he was attacked by a wolf. Since he feels that he will not be believed, he chooses to say that he made it up, thus showing a "little honesty" to Mrs. Krabappel. He then passes out on the floor, causing Mrs. Krabappel to realize that Bart really was attacked. Grandpa takes him to the hospital, while Willie gives the wolf some rubbing alcohol and consoles him about losing, saying that "I was wrestling wolves back when you was at your mother's teat."

Meanwhile, Burns attempts (with the help of a hostage Tom Jones, whom Marge stated was her favorite singer) to seduce Marge, but when she reveals him that she's married, he fires her. She threatens a lawsuit and enlists the help of Lionel Hutz, who is completely unsuccessful and runs yelping from Burns' squad of real lawyers.

Burns has a change of heart after seeing Homer stand up for Marge. The episode finishes as Homer and Marge enjoy a private show performed by the chained-up and protesting Tom Jones who secretly asks (but is ignored because she thinks he is kidding) Marge to call Interpol, to get him a hacksaw or anything.


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