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  • Bart's vision of Marie and Pierre Curie, discoverers of radium, are much like Godzilla, complete with the Japan setting.
  • Marge begins her work in Room 101 and Homer sends unwanted paperwork down a memory hole, both in reference to George Orwell's 1984.
  • Smithers' song and dance number at Jack Marley's retirement party are reference to the 1941 film, Citizen Kane.
  • The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back plays while Mr. Burns surveys his monitors in his office. Throughout the series, this is used as a semi-official piece of music for Mr. Burns.
  • As a subplot in the story, Bart cries "wolf" to get out of a test, in reference to The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Also befitting the subplot is that Bart is not believed when he is attacked by an actual wolf.
  • Tom Jones appears, singing his song It's Not Unusual.
  • The Spruce Caboose is a reference to the Hughes H-4 Hercules nicknamed the Spruce Goose.
  • The Krusty the Clown Show audience celebrating loudly along with loud noises when Krusty says "Loud? That's the secret word for the day!" after the wildlife expert says that the Alaskan timber wolf gets spooked by loud noises (and by extension starting the fiasco at Springfield Elementary School caused by the timber wolf fleeing the studio from the loud noises) is a reference to Pee-Wee's Playhouse (when in that show, it's the same concept whenever someone says the secret word for the day).
    • The Alaskan Timberwolf being restrained by a chain resembled Fenrir of Norse Mythology.
  • The title is a parody and reference to the 1912 Australian comedy film Percy Gets a Job.

The newspaper without text


Homer with a yellow shirt cuff

  • Lisa claims that Pierre and Marie Curie both died of radiation poisoning. Lisa is half right: Marie Curie died of radiation poisoning. Pierre, however, died of a skull fracture after getting hit by a horse-drawn carriage.
  • After Marge justifies her choice to take the job, Homer's newspaper is missing all of its text.
  • When Homer points at the donut delivery guy, his right shirt cuff is colored yellow for a moment.
  • Groundskeeper Willie tore his shirt off when he was about to go one on one with the wolf, but when Willie tells Bart to go back to class, you can see that Willie has a (ripped) shirt on.
  • During the scene where Homer and the other power plant workers are confronting the donut delivery guy, Homer's hat turns from red to blue.
  • Willie missing some of his hair

    When Mr. Burns is lying on the floor of his office and talking to Smithers about his dream of Marge, the self-portrait behind him shows his right hand resting on a table on the left. Towards the end of the scene, however, the portrait is flipped, with his left hand resting on a table on the right.
  • The mustache and devil horns Mr. Burns draws on Marge's image on his security screen disappear when he is shown drawing flies around her.
  • Marge's partially missing collar

    When Tom Jones performs for Marge and Homer, he has a chain on his ankle preventing him from going very far. However, he kisses Marge even though he shouldn't be able to go that far because of the chain.
  • When the Donut Delivery Guy slaps Lenny his cap seems to go into his brain.
  • When Groundskeeper Willie consoles the wolf, some of the hair on the side of his beard disappears for a split second.
  • As Mr. Burns watches Marge on the screen later in the episode, part of the collar on Marge's shirt briefly disappears.


  • In the original airing of this episode, Mrs. Krabappel tells Bart that he faked every illness he could think of to get out of taking the test, including Tourette's Syndrome (with Bart snarling, barking, and making inappropriate comments at Mrs. Krabappel).[1] This caused a lot of controversy with viewers, including one who had Tourette's and threatened to sue the show for its unflattering depiction of the condition. When this episode reran during the summer of 1993, the "Tourette's Syndrome" reference became "rabies" and Bart's snarling and barking was cut. In syndication, the "Tourette's Syndrome" reference was reinstated, but not Bart's snarling and barking. On The Complete Fourth Season DVD set and the reruns shown on FXX, the "rabies" line is used, yet Bart's snarling and barking was reinstated. About the only place the original version exists is on The Simpsons Risky Business DVD and English-speaking international versions aired in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • The scene where Smithers, when hearing Mr. Burns ask him if he ever had any dreams where someone they loved flew through the window at night (in reference to Marge), ends up imagining his dream of exactly that, only the person he loved flying through the window at night was Mr. Burns himself, had been cut down a few seconds due to the scene having Mr. Burns landing near Smithers' privates. Similarly, the censors also complained about a particular bump on the bed where Smithers was lying down that suggested that he was having an erection, although the animators revealed that was in fact supposed to be his knee.


  • The photograph of Mr. Burns meeting Elvis Presley that Burns gave Smithers in "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk", is shown on the wall of Smithers' office while he is interviewing Marge.
  • This episode is referenced in "Burns, Baby Burns" when Marge mentions that Mr. Burns sexually harassed her.
  • Lisa has little involvement in this episode.
  • One of two episodes in a row where Homer is "on display" and someone reacts with "He's hideous!" This also happened in "New Kid on the Block" following the "deal" between Homer and the Sea Captain (though in that episode, he's aware he's on display and embraces it).
  • In foreign dubs, Tom Jones' singing isn't dubbed and remains in English.


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