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I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows.
Bart, watching the teachers' talent show

"Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"" is the fifteenth episode of Season 10.


Homer offers Marge a new Canyonero SUV after embarrassingly discovering that he bought a model marketed to women. But once in the driver's seat, Marge becomes increasingly intoxicated by the vehicle's dynamism, leading to a case of aggravated road rage.

Full Story

The school is having a talent show for the teachers. The show opens with all of the teachers singing a song to the tune of "Fame." Then Groundskeeper Willie does a standup comedy routine, Mrs. Krabappel does a bubble dance, and Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers attempt to perform "Who's on First" (although Skinner ends up blowing the entire routine by giving away that Chalmers was asking about "the unlikely person named 'who'" instead of the pronoun six seconds into their act, to Chalmers' chagrin) After these acts, Principal Skinner announces an intermission, and the audience quickly leaves. Homer has Marge drive home so he can eat some snacks he swiped from the show (which he claimed was compensation for having to sit through Krabappel's bubble dance, which Homer says "I saw Krabappel's butt. I paid!"), and on the way home he and the kids criticize Marge's timid driving. Homer then sees Krusty the Clown driving a Canyonero sport utility vehicle, taking advantage of the SUV's size to drive wherever he pleases.


Impressed with Krusty's ride, Homer obtains a Canyonero the very next day, but learns to his embarrassment that the model he bought is the F-series, intended for women and is made fun of by Lenny and Carl. He gives the vehicle to Marge, but when she uses it, she develops road rage. On a busy day racing around town, Marge is arrested and ordered to take a defensive driving course. However, Marge accidentally drives the SUV into the prison fence, causing all of the convicts to escape that were (according to Chief Wiggum) only one day away from rehabilitation, and she tears her drivers license into shreds.


Later, the police recruit Marge to use the SUV to prevent a herd of raging rhinos. They escaped the Zoo when Homer, visiting the Zoo with Bart and Lisa, that caused them to go berserk via a chain of events that resulted in Homer "borrowing" Bart's slingshot to wake up a lemur (which was asleep due to it being nocturnal), the lemur in a terrified state proceeded to bite the Kangaroo's tail, which while hopping around in pain proceeded to ram into a Rhinoceros which then escaped). Marge agrees to help when she observes her family in danger on the news and succeeds in rounding up all of the rhinos. When she learns that there is one missing, she sees Homer being carried off by the rhino (his belt is caught on the rhino's horn). She chases the beast to a construction site and deliberately crashes the SUV, distracting the rhino from attacking Homer (who is now hiding in a port-a-potty). It bursts into flames and the rhino instinctively tries to stamp out the blaze, giving the zookeepers a chance to capture it. She credits her success to Stone Phillips and the whole family praises NBC. During the end credits, Homer is held at gunpoint, forced to declare that NBC sucks and encourages the audience to watch as many Fox shows as possible, only to be shot when he praises CBS.


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