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Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play
The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer


  • After Mitchell says "She just embarrassed me in front of the entire Tornado Belt League!" A tornado appears behind the stadium, catches Barney Gumble, and leaves the stadium.
  • Tabitha is voiced by Mandy Moore. The wedding dress Tabitha wears at the beginning of "Sexy Marriage land" looks very similar to Rapunzel's (also voiced by Mandy Moore) Homecoming and Wedding Dresses in Disney's Tangled and Tangled ever After, respectively.
  • At the end credits for "Hunch", filming locations given are "City of New York" and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, a small city between Calgary and the USA/Canadian border of approximately 80,000 inhabitants. It is a strange choice to film a prime-time crime drama, although Canada has become a popular filming location for many American movies and some television. This was shown in "The Bart Wants What It Wants".
  • The writer for the show Homer and the family are watching at the beginning of the episode is J.D. Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye.
  • The show they are watching is called "Hunch" and seems to be a poke at the television show Monk.
    • In fact the first name of the "actor" on "Hunch" is Tony which is the real life first name of Monk's main actor Tony Shalhoub.
    • Hunch also seems to be a bit controversial, in the same vein as NYPD Blue if Bart's comment about Hunch's butt in the shower is accurate.
  • One of Tabitha's songs sounds very similar to Britney Spears' Toxic.
  • Among the people shown in the cast of "Hunch" are the late George C. Scott and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • The file photo of Marge and Homer references Michelangelo's famous Pietà.
  • Bart's interests in women are amplified from 'noticing' to 'horny' (his line about wanting to give Tabitha a five-dollar bill as she performs "Sexy Marriage Land" in concert).
  • Buck Mitchell and Tabitha Vixx are quite similar to real-life Major League Baseball couple Kris and Anna Benson, the former a serious, silent type and the latter known for her outspoken personality.
  • The title is a pun on the baseball maneuver, the double play, when two runners are put out in the same play.

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