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  • Thelma & Louise: The 1991 film is parodied and referenced throughout the episode. There is even a lady in the diner who resembles the title character Susan Sarandon plays and the waitress who complains about the waffles wears a uniform that represents hers.
  • Sugarland Express: Also referenced in the episode, particularly in the scenes showing dozens of police cars pursuing Marge and Ruth.
  • The man in the telethon reading passages from his "Badger Falls" book is an obvious parody of Garrison Keillor and his Lake Wobegon stories.
  • The ending of the episode is an homage to the crime drama series Dragnet.
  • Lionel Hutz's line, "This isn't the YMCA" appears to be a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "Person or Persons Unknown", in which the protagonist snidely remarks at one point, "What? This isn't the YMCA?"
  • Crystal Buzz is a parody of Crystal Pepsi.

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  • In the scene where Homer is talking through a bullhorn to Marge, Dan Castellaneta actually recorded the lines using a bullhorn.
  • This was the last episode until "The Strong Arms of the Ma" (nine seasons later) that Ruth Powers had a speaking role. Also, while her daughter, Laura, doesn't appear, she is mentioned by Ruth.
  • If Lionel Hutz made $8.00 for 32 hours, his pay averages exactly a quarter (25 cents) per hour. He originally wanted $185.00 per hour, which would mean he would make $5920.00 for 32 hours.
  • Homer apparently carries around a card that reminds him to always do the opposite of what Bart says (unless Bart says something like, "Don't give me the card").


  • Marge doesn't wear a watch, but she wears it in one scene.
  • In this episode, Ruth says she divorced Laura's father because all he did was eat, sleep, and drink beer. However, in "New Kid on the Block", Ruth implies that they divorced because he was too wrapped up in his career (suggesting that he's a workaholic) to be a good husband and father.
  • Throughout most of the episode Ruth's cigarette appears and disappears between shots.
  • In the club where Ruth initially brings Marge, the man who hits on Marge changes from African-American to Caucasian between shots.

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