Gorillas on the Mast
Marge the Lumberjill
Livin' La Pura Vida


  • Matt Groening grew up in Portland. Many of the characters and locations are from the Portland area, and western Oregon. Actual Portland street names are used as Simpsons character names. These Portland streets are shown in this episode:
    • Quimby St
    • Kearney St
    • Evergreen Terrace
    • Dolph St
    • Lovejoy St
    • Van Houten Ave
    • Flanders St
  • Portland landmarks are shown in the episode:
    • Portland International Airport (PDX)
    • VooDoo Doughnut
    • White Stag sign
  • Paula's Pugs are Nike and Swoosh. Nike's headquarters are in the Portland area. Swoosh is the name of the Nike logo.
  • Marge is wearing a Pendleton Wool shirt. Pendleton Wool is headquartered in Portland, with mills located in nearby Washougal, WA and Pendelton, OR
  • The carpet in the Portland International Airport is well known, with travelers taking photos of their shoes on the carpet. The carpet pattern is shown on Paula's socks.
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