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{{Season 15 R}}
{{Season 15 R}}
[[Category:Cultural references]]
[[Category:Cultural references]]
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Cultural references

  • The Roofi character is an obvious parody of children's entertainer Raffi.
  • When Bart and Lisa fight over the control of the remote, they accidentally switch over to King of the Hill, where Hank Hill can be heard in the background saying, "Bobby, I've got propane in my urethra." which pokes fun at Hank's character (Hank has a son named Bobby, sells propane and propane accessories, and was diagnosed with a narrow urethra).
  • At the beginning of the episode, Bart watches TV. The program is called The Gator Baitor. It's an obvious parody of the Crocodile Hunter, complete with a Steve Irwin-esque host, he meets his end at the mouth of a crocodile.
  • When Maggie has the long handled pliers and grabs Homer by the nose, he rolls over and screams out just like Curly Howard.
  • The news report on the baby riot is accompanied by a graphic which reads "The Tot Offensive," a reference to the 1968 Tet Offensive.
  • At the end of the episode, the members of Lindsey Naegle's group are defeated by the hugs of children ("God's lowliest creatures"). This is a reference to The War of the Worlds, in which the Martians are defeated by bacteria ("God's lowliest creatures").
  • After the adults go on their rampage, a tearful Milhouse (with a blubbery lip and arched eyebrows) watches Moe reverse the "Я" in the Toys "Я" Us sign. His expression is a parody of a famous World War II photograph of a Frenchman witnessing his country's capitulation to the Nazis.
  • The toppling of the Itchy and Scratchy statue scene resembles the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue.
  • The sentence pronounced by Lisa upon having defeated the voters is a reference to the final sentence of the movie based on The War of the Worlds which identify the defeat of a threat at the hand of infinitely smaller creatures ("The humblest things that God in his wisdom has put upon the earth").

Homer's advert

Homer makes a TV advert so people vote "yes" on 242 proposition. He uses his own voice and many Springfieldians pictures who support "Family's First" campaign:

"You may have heard a lot of bad things about families come first, but newspaper writers are a bunch of jerks! Who really opposes families come first? Many childless advocates like Ben Afflick, famous successful people from OUT OF STATE! They live in fancy houses in other places. Families come first is supported by lifelong Springfieldians you know and trust. [Shows pictures] Like me, Milhouse's dad, Bumblebee man, Surly Duff and that jerk that goes 'Yeeeeeees!' For more information go to We're not affiliated, we're just piggy-backing on their message board! [He slowly spins Rudy Guliani's picture using a spooky voice like hypnotizing] I am Rudy Guliani, do as I command you! I am Rudy Guiliani, do as I command you! I am Rudy Guiliani do as I command you! [A title flashes saying "YES ON 232"]."

Homer ultimately fails, as he writes "yes on 232" instead of 242. Template:Season 15 R

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