Cultural References

  • The title is a take off of the song and album, Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles.
  • Some items seen in the library are Everybody Poops: The Video, Yu-Gi-Oh! Price Guides, and Itchy & Scratchy books on tape.
  • Henry wipes his mouth with the Magna Carta, an important document in the 1200s. This is not the only time that Homer wipes his mouth with an important document, as he also does so with the sacred parchment at a meeting of the secret Stonecutters society in Homer the Great. In Make Room for Lisa, he licks the Eighth Amendment off the Bill of Rights.
  • When Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn are making love, she says "Oh, Henry!" Which is a possible reference to the candy bar, Oh Henry!
  • Homer says to Bart in his dream to "get out of my dreams and into my wife", a reference to the song, "Get Outta My Dreams, and into My Car", which in turn was inspired by a line in the song You're Sixteen.
  • Homer sings a variation of "I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am".
  • Marge says that one of the good things about Elizabeth I's reign is the fact that it gives various British actresses a chance to play her when they reach a certain age, a reference to the frequent portrayals of Elizabeth in film and television by famous actresses such as Glenda Jackson, Helen Mirren and Judi Dench.
  • The music in Bart's opera is in fact Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with lyrics referring to flatulence. "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" isn't an opera however.
  • The three more talented brothers of Lisa are three members from the Jackson Five.
  • Nelson's laugh imitates the opening bars from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
  • Reverend Lovejoy says "In the name Henry, the Hank and the holy Harry". The latter two are references to cast members Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer.
  • The theme of a hard-working but undervalued person seeking revenge against a successful but undeserving person was last used in Homer's Enemy
  • Moe's Tavern blows away like Dorothy's House in the Wizard of Oz. Also, he says that he built the bar in Kansas, which is where Dorothy lived.


  • Salieri was a man and he was not related to Mozart at all. He also gained fame and the emperor's favor before Mozart did, and may have tried to keep Mozart from moving up - the opposite of the portrayal in the episode.
  • In the Sacagawea segment, the chief (Homer) says that Sacagawea's (Lisa) name meant "little know-it-all." It is said to mean "bird woman."
  • In the Henry VIII segment it has Jane Seymour getting executed; In reality she died in childbirth, but after she had the baby boy that Henry had long sought.
  • It is also shown Henry executing all but his first wife; In reality only the second and the fifth were executed.
  • After Marge explains how eventually Elisabeth I became queen and that England's power was never greater; in fact England reached its greatest power centuries later as the British Empire.
  • Lewis and Clark are portrayed as being complete morons; but this is because they are being played by two simple-minded residence of Springfield.
  • All of these errors can be justified as gaps in Marge's knowledge or she made parts of the story up to make them appeal to the kids.
  • When Salieri drinks a glass of wine after successfully ruining Mozart's symphony, she promptly falls asleep. However, before she serves Emperor Burns a glass of wine, she only pours the sleeping agent into his glass.


  • In the Mozart segment, when Salieri enters the asylum, Crazy Cat Lady can be seen and heard.

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