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Married to the Blob
Specs and the City

[first lines]
Announcer: High above Zenith City, Radioactive Man keeps a lonely vigil.
Radioactive Man: All seems quiet, maybe I'll fly to China and get some takeout.
Radioactive Man: [stunned] A sky tweet from Commissioner Sweeney! This looks like a job for @RadioactiveMan_01!
Radioactive Man: Leaping Leptons, it's the Fossil Fuel Four! Old King Coal, Petroleus Rex, French femme fatale Charcoal Briquette, and the enemy of drinking water everywhere, The Fracker! Stop attacking the nuclear plant, this country's safest nuclear source!
The Fracker: Studies show I'm America's best hope for energy independence! [cackles]
Radioactive Man: Those studies were industry financed!
The Fracker: You lie!
Radioactive Man: Holy Hadrons, I need backup! [Radioactive Man talks into his wrist radio] Calling Citizen Solar, and his sidekick Wind Lad.
Charcoal Briquette: I believe you will find them... lacking in energy.
Citizen Solar: [in a gloomy voice] It's too cloudy.
Wind Lad: People don't like the noise I make, ehh.
Radioactive Man: Petroleus Rex, please remember when you used to be environmental scientist Rex Bernstein?
Petroleus Rex: [singsong] I have become my dess-ti-ny! [Petroleus Rex sprays Radioactive Man with gasoline, and King Coal shoots coal dust out of his scepter at Radioactive Man]
Radioactive Man: I'll crush you like a gnat, King Coal! [Charcoal Briquette shoots flames at Radioactive Man]
[Radioactive Man screams in pain as all the members of the Fossil Fuel Four attack him at once, knocking him into the sky, and he crash-lands on Earth soon afterwards]
Radioactive Man: [weakly] Half-life... quarter life... eighth life... gone. [Radioactive Man collapses into unconsciousness]
The Fracker: Frack-cellent! [Fracker laughs with a wicked triumph]

Kumiko: (talking to Homer) has anyone told you that you look like the man on a box of Mr. Sparkle?
Homer: (speaking anonymous Japanese)
Kumiko: In Japan, drinking your detergent is a popular method of suicide.
Homer: (speaking worrying Japanese)

Homer: Why didn't I stop with the snake wine? why did I drink the fish wine?
Kumiko's father: That was the aquarium!

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