Marshall Goldman is a Springfield Shopper reporter and columnist who developed an interested in Grampa Simpson's wild stories.


Goldman wrote a column on him in the newspaper and made him a local celebrity. However, Homer found out that he was only doing this to make him a celebrity so that he could kill Abraham and publish a book about his life, which he had already written, in order to win the Pulitzer Prize (It's implied that he wants to win the prize because he wanted his mother to respect him for once, as he sings, 'here comes the prize, Pulitzer prize, I'll finally be successful in my mother's eyes' ). Homer reads the book to find that Abraham will die that day on the train. Homer runs to catch it and eventually, with Lenny and Carl's help, gets on and stops Goldman from killing him. Goldman had a pillow to suffocate him with, with a knife to rip this open and a gun inside it just in case. It turned out that Abe was "playing possum" and hits his head with a bottle. However, Goldman was unaffected by it and he points his gun at him instead, ready to kill him. Abe raises his hands, although he was actually positioning himself directly beneath the emergency brake cords of the train so he could force the train to a halt. As a result, the force from the train braking knocks Goldman into the wall, causing a pile of hat boxes to land on him.

It is unknown what happened to Goldman after this, whether he was arrested, escaped, or died is unknown.


  • Goldman sounds exactly like Moe, especially since they both share the same voice actor.


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