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―Martha Quimby, after catching her husband in the act of womanizing

Martha Quimby is the long-suffering wife of Mayor Quimby and the First Lady of Springfield.

She is portrayed as an aristocratic, upright woman generally exhausted with her husband's antics. Like the mayor himself, she has a strong New England accent, and is intended to be a satire of the Kennedy political family in the United States.


She met Joe Quimby while working at the La Maison Derrière.

Relationship with Mayor Quimby

Martha is well aware that Mayor Quimby cheats on her; she only stays with him because she enjoys the power that goes with being the mayor's wife. Martha puts up a brave front of being all right with the mayor's cheating, but on one occasion she revealed her true feelings. Marge Simpson was visiting the Quimby house and talking to Martha in the mayor's home office. Martha accidentally pressed a button that transformed the office into a combination bar/strip joint, and broke down in tears at the sight of scantily clad women in cages being lowered from the ceiling.[1] It is also implied that Mayor Quimby frequently cheats on her because he was unhappy that he married her, as when insisting to Homer (who wanted to invite Quimby out so he wouldn't have to worry about the mob targeting him) that he'd rather stay home and spend time and love with her, he pauses and then sighs in disappointment before saying "wife".

During Trappuccino, Martha Quimby was part of the angry mob hunting Homer down after he poisoned Springfield Lake and caused the entire town to be trapped under a giant dome by the EPA.

In Mommie Beerest, it is revealed that Miss Springfield became Mayor Quimby's secret wife, suggesting that Martha is either dead, divorced, or he became a bigamist.

Martha is also the "Tight-Assed Trophy Mom" type of mom you meet at the PTA.[2]


Martha is related to actor Rainier Wolfcastle's wife, Maria.[3]

With her husband Joe

Behind the Laughter

Like Sarah Wiggum and Bernice Hibbert, Martha is one of the less notable and more sane characters on the show. Also, like Mrs. Wiggum and Mrs. Hibbert, Martha plays the role of the quiet housewife, the wife to a corrupted husband.

Martha often wears a pink suit and pillbox hat, a style similar to the one that Jacqueline Kennedy made famous. She is clearly based on her.

According to Quimby in Bart After Dark, before she married him, he first met her working at the Maison Derriere

According to a Simpsons Comics story, she is right-handed.




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