Mary Bailey is Springfield's State's governor.


She ran against Mr. Burns in a governor's election, winning a landslide after Marge served Mr. Burns a three eyed fish, which he promptly spat out. Mr. Burns was not thrilled by her existence.

In 1998, she either did not run or lost the election as the Unnamed Governor is governor. She presumably retired to Springfield, her home city. She does, however, win the 2002 election as she is shown as Governor again.

She also judged Bart and Lisa's class projects (designing a new State flag) in Capital City. She yells in disgust after unfurling Lisa's flag, which Bart had redesigned to make it look like a butt with "Learn to Fart" underneath. However, she stated that her reaction was because she felt that she had unfurled the flag poorly.

Bailey also brings order amongst the prisoners in a jail riot and pardons them. She was also present at the 38th Annual Springfield Media Awards.

When Homer got Barney Gumble to get his check, her signature appears on the check.



Mary Bailey is an elderly woman with short gray hair. She bears a striking resemblance to Beatrice Simmons.

Governmental Position

Given Mr. Burns' membership in the Republican Party, Bailey is presumably a Democrat, although that has never been stated and she could also be independent of political parties. She was Mayor of Springfield before both Joe Quimby and his predecessor. Governor Bailey ordered an investigation about possible pollution by the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. The investigation did not find anything on pollution, but did find that the plant was not up to code.



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