Mason Fairbanks (voiced by Michael York) is a treasure hunter who is 66 years old.


Homer tracks him down—disguised as a reporter—after he discovers old love letters written by Fairbanks to his mother, Mona, and begins to believe he may be his biological father.

After confessing his true reasons for seeking him out Fairbanks bonds with Homer, as well as Bart and Lisa, prompting Abe to demand a paternity test.

When the test reveals Fairbanks to be Homer's father they celebrate with a treasure hunt, which goes wrong when the submarine Homer is in gets trapped between rocks underwater.

In his final moments, Homer reminisces about the many things Abraham had done for him growing up, only to be rescued by Fairbanks then have Abraham admit to having switched DNA samples during the paternity test, wanting to preserve the happiness Homer had been feeling with Fairbanks.

He appeared at Mona's funeral.

When Homer auctions off a painting he brought from the Van Houtens, Mason is one of the bidders.


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