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The Master Sushi Chef is a Japanese chef who works at The Happy Sumo. He is assisted by Toshiro.


The Master Sushi Chef seems to be the only chef at that restaurant who knows how to properly cut the fish fugu to leave out the poison sections. When Homer ordered fugu, Toshiro called the Master Sushi Chef, telling him that his skilled hands were needed in the kitchen, but he said his skilled hands were busy elsewhere (making out with Edna Krabappel). He returns in the kitchen and realises in shock that the fugu has been serve and hasn't been cut properly, He is then enraged with Toshiro for being careless.


In addition to being self-centered (as seen when he wouldn't leave Mrs. Krabappel to return to the kitchen), the Master Sushi Chef is egotistical and arrogant, but in some ways rightly so, as he has mastered the art of fugu preparation. However, he also delights in humiliating Toshiro, telling Toshiro to hang his head in shame after he (the Master Sushi Chef) demonstrates his superior skills. He has a girlfriend, Edna Krabappel