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(Skinner and Chalmers are trying to rebuild the burned books)
Skinner: Uh, good news, sir, I have assembled a page on "the piglims" at "Rhymouth Pock.
Chalmers: Yes, well, that's the best we can hope for. Uh, apply the transparent tape. (Lisa opens the door making the pieces fly off)
Lisa: (Using Chalmer's catchphrase) Principal Skinner! Willie has showed me that losing our technology doesn't have to be the end of our learning. We can turn our school into a Waldorf school.
Chalmers: You mean like the hotel?
Lisa: Nope. In elementary school, Waldorf education focuses on hands-on activity and creative play. In secondary education...
Chalmers: Uh... not our problem.
Skinner: After sixth grade, it's good-bye and good luck. (they both chuckle) Sounds good, but I have one more question. Is it based on the book where you find the guy in the hat?
Lisa: Where's Waldo? That's not even the name. I'm surprised you guys didn't think it was based on the salad.
Chalmers and Skinner: There's a Waldorf salad? (Lisa groans)

Ralph Wiggum: If mommy's purse didn't belong in the microwave, why did it fit?

Willie: So, If Willie gets paid three cents per square foot for seeding, and if the field is 2.500 square feet, what is Willie getting?
Database: I'd say screwed!
Wille: (Groans) You're right! (points to Chalmers) You! Chalmers! (grabs a leash and starts chasing Chalmers) Aaargh!!
Chalmers: Uh-oh. (gets in his car and drives off)
Willie: Come back here, you Willie-chiseling cheat! (Bart throws an egg on Chalmer's head, making he lost control and crash into a tree) Eh! Who threw that egg at the most efficient fourty-five degree angle?
Bart: It was me, sir.

Willie: (with Bart, to the mathletes) Kids, meet your new math team captain!
Bart: It's about time!
Database: But I'm the captain.
Willie: Not anymore! (takes Database's glasses off and puts them on Bart)
Database: I can't see! (walks into a tree)
Bart: I can't see! (stumbles over the seesaw)

(The Simpsons sit on the couch, but Rick and Morty's spaceship crashes into the house and turns the family to goo. Rick and Morty get out of the spaceship in panic)
Rick: Oh my god Morty, what did you do? You killed the Simpsons, Morty!
Morty: Oh my god! No, no!! I-I-I-I didn't mean to!
Rick: Oh, no! God, (points at Maggie, who turned into goo) Look at the baby one!
Morty: That's terrible, I killed the Simpsons!
Rick: Oh my God, Morty! You killed the entire Simpsons, Morty!! They're a beloved fa... (burps) ...amily, Morty! They're... They're... They're... They're a national treasure, Morty, and you killed them!
Morty: I-I-I-I'm just a kid, I'm just a kid, I don't wanna go to jail!
Rick: Relax Morty, Calm down, We'll take care of it. (takes a bit of The Simpsons goo in a vial and grabs a picture of the family) Ok, I want you to take that vial of the Simpsons goo (opens a portal) and this picture to this adress. (writes it on a paper) They'll make us new Simpsons, Do you undersand me Morty?
Morty: Me?! W-W-What you gonna do?
Rick: Morty, I gotta clean this place up before someone somebody comes snooping around! You know how many characters there are in The Simpsons, Morty? There's like a billion char... (burps) ...aracters! They did an episode where George Bush was their neighbor!
Morty: Right! Can't argue with that!

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