Mathlete's Feat
Every Man's Dream


  • The episode name is a reference to the fungal skin infection athlete's foot.
  • In the Rick and Morty couch gag, in the dimension Morty is in, there is a ship flying over Morty's head, which is actually the Planet Express Ship from Futurama and a soda machine that says Slurm on it (also Futurama). Kang and Kodos can be seen in the same scene.
  • In this episode, Lisa uses Superintendent Chalmers catchphrase (Skinneeeerr!!). Chalmers also uses it while referring to behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner, who incidentally was also the namesake of the character.
  • Before the power goes out, one of the kids is watching a clip from the episode "The Bob Next Door", where Sideshow Bob, disguised as Walt Warren, had Walt's face peeled off by the waitress.
  • The Math joke is I ate some pie.
  • In the Rick and Morty couch gag, the Simpsons turn into goo instead of having blood everywhere.
  • This episode, along with Lisa the Simpson shows that Bart is better than Lisa in solving mathematics and geometric puzzles.
  • Objects that Rick stole from the Simpsons house in the Couch Gag:
    • Bart's skateboard
    • Bart's slingshot
    • Krusty Doll
    • Lisa's saxophone
    • Marge's necklace
    • Bongo doll
    • Bobo
    • Lots of Duff Beer cans (which he drank before leaving the house)

Cultural references

  • The episode Nelson watches is a reference to Game of Thrones and the channel, BHO, is a convenient reference to HBO.
  • The music played during the scene that shows the new technology in the school is Year 3000 by Busted.
  • Other music that plays during the episode is Beethoven's ninth Symphony.
  • In the Anti-Gutenberg 3000 Machine that appears in this episode, the temperature display reads 451°F. This is a reference to Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451 which is about a dystopian future where all books are burned, along with the houses they are kept in.


  • In one scene, Martin's sandals are black.
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