Matt Marshall is a writer and assistant for the show who wrote In the Name of the Grandfather.

Early life

"I had a Bart Simpson T-shirt when I was 11 or 12 years old, with him dunking a basketball and saying 'Cowabunga.' Now I work with the woman who does that voice."
―Marshall on his childhood

Marshall grew up in Mount Pleasant and Racine, both in Wisconsin. He went to Case High School. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Eight months later he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working in the entertainment industry.

When he was growing up, Matt was a fan of the Simpsons.

Role on the Simpsons

This is what I pretty much have known I wanted to do since I was a kid, to work in the entertainment business
― Matt on the job

Since 2004, Matt has worked as an assistant to the producers and writers, typing what they tell him as they worked through scripts. During this time he "soak[ed] up all their comedy genius".

Being a writer you can be in love with your stuff, but not everyone else will be, You have to learn to have thick skin and not take it personally. Let it go. A lot of the scripts get slashed to pieces. It's whatever's the best at the end of the show, whatever's the funniest, that's what matters.
―Matt Marshall on script editing

In 2007 he pitched his episode idea, about Grandpa feeling ignored, so they return to a pub in Ireland that he has always wanted to visit. It was approved and he wrote the episode ready for a table read in late 2007 but the Writers Guild of America Strike pushed it back three months and delayed the episode by nearly a year. After the strike the episode went through the standard review process where other writers added to parts of the episode

The episode has led to him gaining an agent, but he is currently still an assistant on the Simpsons team.[1]

Work outside the Simpsons

Matt was an assistant casting coordinator on "Can You Duet?" [2]


Assistant to the producers



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