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Maude Flanders as a hideous ghoul[src]

Maude Flanders' ghost was the spirit of Ned Flanders' late, first wife.


The Simpsons and Ned held a seance in order to contact Ned's dead wife, Maude. While they prayed, Bart came in dressed as Maude's ghost and found out that Maude's real ghost was behind him, which startled everyone. Homer and Ned admired Maude, but they're terrified when she turned into a hideous ghoul, with the exception of Lisa who wasn't afraid of her because of her skepticism.[1]

In the future, Maude's ghost married Ned after Homer killed Edna Krabappel. She wasn't evil at all, and she said there was no God, with Heaven being "an empty meaningless void".[2]

Maude's ghost made a cameo in a couch gag as reference to her death.[3]

Maude's ghost appears to sit beside her husband along with his second wife Edna Krabappel.[4]

Maude's ghost can be seen at Ned's house alongside Edna.[5]

Maude's ghost appears in Bart's dream where she shown to want revenge on Homer for causing her death.[6]

Strangely, she does not remember Edna in “Tapped Out.”




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