Mav is a professional surfer who tried to steal Bart, Lisa and Maggie.


Homer and Marge decided to look for new guardians for their children, in case something would befall them. The family stayed at the beach where they met the cool young couple named Mav and Portia. The children were enamored of them, so Homer and Marge asked the couple to be their children's new guardians. The couple agreed and the children stayed in their ski house during the Christmas time.

Meanwhile, Homer and Marge had enjoyed life without children, till Marge noticed a photo of Mav, Portia and the children as a loving family in the shop showcase. They realized that the couple tried to steal the children from them, and came to the house to get them back. However, the couple didn't want to give the children up. Eventually, the children said that the Mav and Portia were cool, but they didn't want to be with anyone except their natural parents. Mav and Portia then left to Bali and the children returned to their parents.


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