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Maximum Homerdrive
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  • The title of this episode was originally going to be "Homer the Trucker".
  • This episode premiered the same day as Futurama.
  • The Truckers code list:
    • 10-33: Actual bear in air.
    • 10-34: Can't unchain wallet.
    • 10-35: Hot enough for ya?
    • 10-36: Ghost truck on highway.
    • 10-37: Ask me about my grandchildren.
    • 10-38: Outsider Blabbing about auto-drive system.
    • 10-39: I love you, gay buddy.
    • 10-40: Taxes due.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive.
    • Yeardley Smith, Lisa's voice actress, starred in the film adaptation.
  • Homer refers to the Spice Girls' smash-hit song Wannabe as the "ultimate truck driver song". This episode is one of two episodes to feature this song, the other being Fraudcast News.
    • Closed captioning reveals that "Dancing Queen" by ABBA was supposed to be played instead.
  • When all the truckers tried to ram Homer and Bart off the road, Homer says to Bart that "They're hazing us to join the trucker fraternity, thank you sir may I have another?" The "thank you sir may I have another?" part is from Animal House.
  • The movie Homer and Bart watch at the drive-in is a play on several horror films.
  • When Homer faces off against Red at the steakhouse, Red sinks his hand down his pants like Al Bundy normally did on the sitcom Married... With Children.
  • The decal on the side of Red's truck reads "Red Rascal" with an image of a wolf and a redheaded pin-up girl on the side, a possible reference to the 1943 Tex Avery cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood".
  • The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas is famous for its promotion offering a free meal to anyone that can eat its 72 oz steak dinner in one hour.
  • The truck's built-in device said, "I'm afraid I can't let you do this, Red." This parodies a line spoken by HAL in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Homer goes to a gas station called The Gassy Knoll, a reference to the grassy knoll, which is believed by conspiracy theorists to have played an important part in the Kennedy assassination.
  • The woman on the "Wish You Were Her" postcard looks similar to Bettie Page.
  • In the Latin-American dubbing version, after Bart asks Homer if he can go with him, Bart says "go ahead, Lola!" This reference is to the 80's movie "Lola la trailera".
  • Chief Wiggum says "This time, the bells toll for thee." This references John Donne's "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions". It may also be a reference to the Metallica song "For Whom the Bell Tolls."
  • The scene where the truckers block the road is similar to a scene from the movie Convoy.



The back of the truck's cab is gray

  • In one shot where Homer is talking to Marge, the back of the truck's cab is colored gray instead of its correct red.
  • When one of the truckers jumped to Homer's trailer to puncture his tires with a knife, he jumped from a pink truck that was behind the trailer, but when he looks back, his truck is gone.
  • Lisa says she’s protesting a “new restaurant“ yet it seems to have been in business for a while as Red Barclay and Tony Randall have finished the Sir Loin a lot steak.
    Bandicam 2020-01-27 19-33-20-764
  • In one shot when Marge is telling Homer not to fill up on bread during the eating contest, Homer's mouth is completely yellow.

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