Maxwell Flinch is an injury lawyer in Springfield.


After getting badly injured inside the trap door's pit at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer watches a commercial from Maxwell Flinch and employed his services in order to sue Mr. Burns. Meanwhile, Marge and Smithers become good friends after he was sent to the Simpson house by Burns. Later, Mr. Burns tells Smithers that if he couldn't get Homer to sign a waiver, he would send Smithers to another country.

Homer realizes that Marge is hanging out a lot with Smithers, and the only way to impede this is if he gives up on the lawsuit, sign the waiver and throw the case, which makes Flinch crestfallen about this because nobody thinks about the lawyer. To make it up to him, Homer decides to roll down the courthouse steps and sue them with his help, but Marge tries to save him and falls as well.[1]

Homer later employed Flinch again after he chose to run over Gil Gunderson instead of Santa's Little Helper. While at the courthouse, Flinch used the fact that the jury all loved dogs to get them to find Homer not guilty, which eventually leads to new laws putting dogs lives above human lives getting passed.[2]



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