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The Mayor's Easter Egg Hunt is an annual event for all the children in Springfield. It is organized by Mayor Quimby and takes place in a big garden of his mansion.

After a short address by Mayor Quimby and his wife Martha Quimby, the Hugs Bunny who is a referee there, opens the gate and the children run into the garden. They all have baskets, run along the garden and look for hidden eggs.

While the children are in the garden, there is a program for their parents, for example women can go on a tour of the mansion, led by Martha Quimby.


The Simpson children once participated in the hunt. When Maggie was upset because she has not collected any Easter eggs, Homer picked her up and stole eggs from other kids baskets and puts them in hers. Then, he and Hugs Bunny who was a referee there got into a huge fight. Meanwhile, Marge and other women went on a tour of the mansion, led by Martha Quimby, but things quickly went downhill when the fight spilled into Quimby's office. Marge was embarrassed by Homer's childish actions and her friends determined she was bad news and shunned her.

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