Mayor Quimby's mansion is a house where Joe Quimby and his wife Martha Quimby live in. It is located in Springfield and there is a big garden around it. The doorbell's ringtone also went to the tune of the opening of "Hail to the Chief."


When Homer was Mayor Quimby' bodyguard, he visited him and asked him to go out. At first, Quimby refused and reluctantly wanted to stay at home with his wife, scared of Fat Tony's revenge. Eventually, Homer convinced him. [1]

The annual Mayor's Easter Egg Hunt also takes place here, in the Quimby's garden. The Simpson children once participated in it. When Maggie was upset because she has not collected any Easter eggs, Homer picked her up and stole eggs from other kids baskets and puts them in hers. Then, he and Hugs Bunny who was a referee there got into a huge fight. Meanwhile, Marge and other women went on a tour of the mansion, led by Quimby's wife, but things quickly went downhill when the fight spilled into Quimby's office. Marge was embarrassed by Homer's childish actions and her friends determined she was bad news and shunned her. In addition, during the tour, it was revealed that Quimby had modified his office to match up with his more womanizing character, such as replacing a button for calling security as well as a button summoning members of the cabinet with buttons that revealed caged women dancing while scantily clad, which caused his wife, during the tour, to become depressed at the first instance, and then while on the verge of breaking into tears to tell everyone to get out the second time after attempting to bring Security in to escort everyone out failed due to the aforementioned modifications.[2]



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