McBain is an action film starring Rainier Wolfcastle as McBain. It is the first film in the McBain film series.


McBain, a former policeman, stumbled upon evidence that implicated Senator Mendoza of running a drug cartel. He then ran his limo off the cliff, snapped the necks of three of his bodyguards and drove a bus to his front door. He was reprimanded by his boss, the captain of the precinct, and he tried to explain that he had very good reasons to do that, due to his running a cartel. However, he would not hear him out, and he then decided to kick him out of the squad. McBain then punched the captain out of the window in retaliation.

Sometime afterwards, McBain, alongside his partner and best friend Skoey, began to track down evidence independent from the squad due to the fact that he was kicked off. However, during an evening at a Sloppy Joe's diner, a hitman, hired by Mendoza, posed as a waiter and attempted to gun down McBain. The hitman missed and Skoey took the bullets shortly after explaining that he is just two days from retirement, his daughter Suzie is going to graduate from college, and that after nailing Mendoza, he and his wife are going to sail around the world in their newly christened boat, "The Live-4-Ever". McBain attempts to stop the assassin by shooting at him, but the assassin manages to get away by crashing though a window on a motorcycle. As Skoey dies in his arms, McBain becomes more determined than ever to put an end to Mendoza's reign of terror.

Later, McBain had gotten his job back, and decided to try and avenge his partner, but his regulated gun is far too small for him to try and avenge Skoey, so he decides to use a much bigger gun. He is then reprimanded by the captain about the size of his gun being against regulations, as in the police department, they go by the book. McBain merely responds by using his gun to shoot and blow away the Police Manual.

He then ambushes Mendoza during a meeting about his newest drug. He bursts out of an ice sculpture and kills everyone in the room, except Mendoza. However, Mendoza gets the better of him by feeding him a drugged salmon puff.

Sometime later, Mendoza had hired another hitman to kill McBain, and again McBain survived. His final stand against Mendoza was at Mendoza's headquarters at the top of a skyscraper. McBain interrupts Mendoza's meeting and hurls him out of a window all the way down onto a parked Gas truck, which explodes on impact, stopping him once and for all. McBain then decides to sleep with his sexy female accomplice, McBabe.

Behind the laughter

  • According to Homer at the video rental store, the scene where Skoey ended up murdered in cold blood by one of Mendoza's hitmen with McBain declaring his intent to avenge Skoey was the film's "best part" when refusing to rent the film.


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