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McGarnagle is the main character of a television series that parodies the 'hard-boiled cop' stereotype of action movies. In the TV show almost every line includes "McGarnagle" somewhere. McGarnagle is similar in appearance, voice and behavior to Clint Eastwood's character of Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry films. At one episode of the show, he has to get a boy named Billy to explain in full honesty about what he saw out there (presumably in regards to a crime scene) for McGarnagle. This (rather abruptly) leads to Billy getting his “Throat slit from ear to ear” says McGarnagle’s superior. McGarnagle is unmoved, replying “Hey, I’m trying to eat lunch here!”.

He is also the bomb squad officer who detonates Homer's unattended bag.



  • In the DVDs, McGarnagle's name is misspelt as 'McGonickle' in the subtitles. This occurs in both of the episodes listed above.