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Medal of Homer is the thirteenth level of The Simpsons Game. To open the door of the creator's mansion, the Simpsons have to get the four keycards in the four worlds created by the creator. The third portal takes Homer and Bart to France during World War II, with younger Abraham and Mr. Burns.


The city of St. de Capitulons

After the level "Bargain Bin" is completed, four more levels open up at the game engine. These can be taken in any order but, following the story, this is the next level. It is also the first level in which Bart can use his wrist rocket, a slingshot that can shoot further and does more damage, and the super-cape, and a bigger Bartman cape to glide further and more time. The level is divided in three areas, each one in a very different place.


Medal of Homer.png

Abraham Simpson gives Homer and Bart information about their mission while showing them some classified stuff: Germany is planning to attack the French township of Ville de St. Capitulons, which provides the French Army with snails. Homer and Bart have to jump from a plane to land in the city and find Abraham and soldier Burns. When Homer and Bart land, they see Üter throwing a rock to a window, which makes French people surrender and pull out white surrender flags. Abraham and Burns order Homer and Bart to take out those flags, while Mr. Burns suggests to take some German paintings "just to protect them" (the only reason Abraham trusts him is because he is American).

There are 20 flags coming out from windows in houses, trees, a waterwheel building and even people running with it. Once Homer and Bart collect all the flags, they receive a new mission: escort a truck with the paintings through a large arid area in Africa full of tanks, mines and explosive barrels. Abraham and Burns drive the truck while Homer and Bart have to destroy all the things that get in the way, otherwise the truck will explode.

When they successfully escort the truck to a safe area, they receive another mission: Burns stole all of the paintings pushing Abraham out of the truck and took them to his aircraft carrier. The Flying Hellfish squad will overfly the ship while Homer and Bart get to Burns' platform. Homer is given C4 explosives to destroy the Anti-Aircraft Guns shooting at the planes. They are under the ship and Homer puts a C4 explosive on a pipe to destroy it and launch air that Bart can use to float to the top.

A plane crashes into the ship, so the climb to the upper floor. They continue scaling the ship to the smoke pipes. Bart floats on them to get to Burns' platform and defeat him. Back at Ville de St. Capitulons, French people thank Homer and Bart for getting the paintings back (one of them kisses Homer and his moustache tickles him). Bart asks Homer if he can drink some wine, since other kids (including a baby) do, but Homer doesn't allow him. They later find the Hellfish keycard behind one of the paintings.

Medal of Homer characters

The truck enters the safe area of Africa

  • Homer: Homer is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, turn into Homer Ball, "Heli-Homer", "Gumi-Homer" (only Xbox version) and "Lava-Homer" (only Xbox version). This is the only level in which he can use C4 explosives, at the ship part.
  • Bart: Bart is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, use his wrist rocket, open his cape to release bats and turn into Bartman to glade, climb walls and ziplines and grapple.
  • Üter Zörker: he throws a rock to a window in Ville de St. Capitulons.
  • Abraham Simpson: he is the leader of the missions and shows Homer and Bart classified stuff like blueprints, photos and medals.
  • Mr. Burns: he is Abraham's partner but later steals the valorous French paintings. Bart then defeats him on his ship.
  • French people: they are running in St. de Capitulons and will attack you. One of them is a woman and the other two are men (those from "The Crepes of Wrath").
  • Smithers: enemies in the ship. They are the Medal of Homer versions of Smithers and attack you with plungers.


Mr. Burns' aircraft carrier

Comic Book Guy's video game clichés

  • Wooden Crate: (only PS2 and Wii version) destroy the box at the beginning of the level to get this cliché. "Ah, the crate. As seen in everything."
  • Explosive Barrel: (only PS2 and Wii version) when destroying one of the explosive barrels at the ship. "The explosive barrel, frustrating AND hackneyed."
  • Trampolines: (only Xbox version) after bouncing off one of the awnings at Ville de St. Capitulons. "Trampolines. Where have those been before? Oh right, everywhere."
  • Escort Mission: (only Xbox version) get to the Africa area. "Sorry, psycho. This one's about protecting, not killing."


  • The name of this level is a reference to the video game "Medal of Honor".
  • Medal of Homer was used as a trailer to promote The Simpsons Game.
  • The weapon Homer is holding in the satirical image closely resembles a Thompson.
  • There are some differences in each version.
    • French people carry flags only in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.
    • In the PS2 and Wii version, there are only two areas: the city and the ship. Africa is only in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.
    • In the PS2 and Wii version, you just have to get to Burns' platform to complete the level. In the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, you have to defeat him.
    • "Medal of Homer", along with "Grand Theft Scratchy", are the only two stages not present in the Nintendo DS version. They do make a cameo when the game engine is being destroyed.
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