A number of different forms of media exist in the The Simpsons. Some of these are fictional - such as KBBL Radio. Others are not - inhabitants of Springfield appear to receive all major television networks, with the show's parody of Fox News possibly the most memorable inclusion.

TV & Radio


KBBL is the radio call sign used for radio and television stations that broadcast from Springfield. All three are owned by KBBL Broadcasting Inc.

KBBL-FMs frequency is 102.5 FM, and its morning show is hosted by Bill and Marty. It has changed formats over the years, but as of 2000, it has had a male-targeted AC format with an emphasis on Classic Hits.

Its co-owned AM sister station with pudding masters, KBBL-AM at 970 AM, although until recently it was at 580 AM, is a talk radio station and one of its shows is hosted by Birch Barlow (a Rush Limbaugh parody) and another by Jerry Rude (a Howard Stern parody). This station also covers sporting events. According to one episode, KBBL's slogan is "No sports, no rock, no information; for mindless chatter, we're your station," leading to the call letters "KBBL", or "K-Babble".

KBBL at 970 has recently been seen covering baseball games. It's logo is big red letters written down.

Que BBL at 640 AM is believed to have a similar format although in Spanish.

KBBL-TV or KBBL-DT (in recent episodes) (Channel 6) is the fictional television station in Springfield, the home of television personalities Kent Brockman, Krusty the Clown, and Itchy & Scratchy. Its slogan is "We're Channel 6, Just Catch Us Now!" (parody of NBC's 1982-1983 promotional slogan "We're NBC Just Watch Us Now"). Channel 6 is believed to be the local FOX affiliate. It's logo is a red six inside a yellow circle, with a black outline


KJAZZ-FM is a jazz station in Springfield with a broadcast range of 23 feet and a morning show hosted by Hans Moleman. It briefly made an appearance in the episode 'Round Springfield.

In one Simpsons Halloween special, an invasion by zombies led a town radio station, presumably KBBL, to change its call sign and format to "KZMB, All-Zombie Radio." The programming consisted of zombies grunting and moaning.

Canal Ocho

Canal Ocho (English - Channel Eight) is the Spanish language television station for Springfield. The main show is Bumblebee Man's comedy show (sponsored by Goya), a fast paced, surreal, slapstick comedy show about an unlucky giant bumblebee. It is also known for showing soccer matches. Canal Ocho might also be a parody of Mexican TV, particularly of El Chapulín Colorado and El Chavo del Ocho, both popular and successful comedy shows aired through the 70's the 80's and the 90's in Latin America.

The channel is part of the wider KBBL media corporation. [citation needed]

Channel 6

Eye on Springfield

Eye on Springfield is a show presented by Kent Brockman . The show within a show is a parody of KABC-TV's "Eye on LA" and other TV news magazine shows and entertainment journalism, particularly when they are attempted by small media market TV outlets. It could also be seen as a takeoff on PM Magazine or Evening Magazine.

In the United States, TV stations are required to have "local interest" programming to show concern for the community needs, and stations frequently satisfy this requirement with local arts programming. Eye on Springfield is a parody of such programs, in that it shows a small market local events program attempting to imitate network journalism and entertainment reporting. At times Eye on Springfield seems to be taking 60 Minutes as its target, but it most consistently satirizes Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. Whenever Lisa Simpson or Homer Simpson do something newsworthy or controversial, they appear on Eye on Springfield.

The show is often used as a way to open an episode of The Simpsons, with Kent Brockman standing in front of a lake saying "Hello. I'm Kent Brockman, and this is Eye on Springfield". The starting sequence varies slightly in each appearance, but always feature a montage of bikini-clad women at various Springfield monuments and clips of Kent Brockman living a celebrity lifestyle, washing a Mercedes or eating sushi in a Japanese spa.


Smartline is a parody of network television cultural affairs programs.Kent Brockman hosts the show-within-the-show While "Smartline" might be a parody of the NBC news show, Dateline, its clearest model is ABC's Nightline, as it features only the host and a single guest being questioned skeptically. There is also a satirical hint that Nightline takes its intellectual credentials too seriously. It is also interesting to note that Smartline's logo and Springfield's night-time skyline also parody the logo of Nightline. However, Smartline is also a parody of small market television stations that attempt to emulate serious journalism. Instead of having nationally known political leaders, Kent Brockman's "Smartline" will have Lisa Simpson or Professor Frink.

My Two Cents

Another Channel 6 program, usually shown at the end of a news broadcast, Kent Brockman (and sometimes others) give their own personal, and often dire opinions on the going-ons in Springfield and what should be done to solve the problem. The name stems from the saying "my two cents worth" meaning a personal opinion of a topic.

I Can't Believe They Invented It!

An infomercial marketing weird inventions, often created by Dr. Nick Riviera, the program is hosted by Troy McClure. Products featured on the show include "Spiffy" (a cleaning chemical), the "Juice-Loosener" (a juicer), the "SS Microwave" (a floating microwave for use in swimming pools), and the "Mobilier" (a chandelier for use in automobiles). Products are shown to have been purchased by Homer Simpson and Principal Skinner


The Fox Network has frequently appeared in several Simpsons episodes and is constantly the butt of many jokes, e.g., when Homer was once on a computer investing in News Corp stock: Lisa: "Dad, that's FOX!" Homer: (screams) " Undo! Undo!"

In one episode where Krusty is planning on having his Bar Mitzvah, he reluctantly decides to go to Fox Network, due to the fact that no other channel will show the celebration. Fox Network's headquarters is then shown to be nothing more than a group of well-dressed people in a trailer on a hill. While there, Krusty convinces them to show the Bar Mitzvah by saying, "You're Fox! You're known for taking chances on crap!"

In HOMЯ Homer checks his stock and says, "Huh, what is this crap?" Phone: "Fox broadcasting. Down eight" Homer smiles.

In Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington (as well as countless other instances), Fox News is also portrayed negatively, being viewed as conservatively biased, where Republican candidate Krusty is shown in a heavenly light, while the Democratic candidate is shown with horns in front of a Soviet flag and is called by the others "our little red friend", relating the Democrat to Communism. All the while, the ticker displays statements such as "Do Democrats cause Cancer? Find out at FoxNews.com" and "Dan Quayle: Awesome." Matt Groening claims that Fox News threatened to sue the show over their portrayal, but that the writers refused to remove the segment as they felt that Fox head Rupert Murdoch would prevent any attempts by Fox News Network to take legal action against the Fox entertainment channel. Fox News apparently backed down on the condition their scrolling news ticker was not replicated again.[1]

In one episode in the beginning, Homer pauses to watch the Joe Millionaire advertisement animation appear on the bottom of the screen. Homer simply picks up the advertisement and eats it, then saying one of his "Mmmmm" actions. He then spits out something in disgust and says, "Ewww, FOX!"

Also, in the episode "She Used to Be My Girl", various media vehicles can be seen arriving in Springfield to cover a scandal involving Mayor Quimby. The Fox News van is, by far, the largest news van present and displays on its side a sign with the slogan "Bush/Cheney '04" while blasting the song "We Are the Champions."

In Missionary Impossible, the fate of Homer is never discovered, as at the climax of the episode, the scene cuts to a Fox fundraising telethon.

The Fox satellite in the Simpsons is shown bobbing within the atmosphere, suspended by tied-on balloons, with broken solar panels. During the shot, a piece falls off.

Other TV

  • A channel 3 was seen reporting the birth of nonuplets in Shelbyville in Eight Misbehavin.
  • There are also public access channels 3 (which aired "The Innoncent Report with Homer Simpson") and 92 (airing Homer's Mr. Plow commercial)


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The Springfield Shopper

The Springfield Shopper is the most commonly recurring local newspaper in Springfield. It carries opinion, sports, food, world, arts, religion and leisure sections. It tends towards tabloid stories, with such headlines as 'Woman Weds Ape', 'Hippo promoted to detective' and 'Crazed Mom Goes Topless (Photos Pages 3–28)'. It was founded in the early 1900s by Johnny Newspaperseed, a small boy who travelled America founding newspapers. The Shopper merged with the Springfield Times, Post, Globe, Herald, Jewish News, and Hot Sex Weekly. There actually is a Springfield Shopper in Springfield, IL.

The cost of the newspaper tends to vary between nothing and $1.00, with the average price being 25¢.

Homer Simpson has worked for the newspaper as a food critic. After initially being too kind (giving a slice of pizza he found under the sofa at least 8 out of 10, deducting a point for having a Hot Wheels car stuck on it), he switched to becoming a cruel critic, and was almost murdered by a disgruntled baker with a poisoned éclair. The newspaper was also bought briefly by Charles Montgomery Burns, who was on a mission to control all the media of Springfield, and by the The Movementarians, an evil cult who were attempting to brainwash all Springfieldians.

The lower headline will generally be a joke either about the upper headlines, or about journalism in general ("Second headline less important, studies show").

In one episode, it is revealed that Shelbyville has a newspaper called The Shelbyville Daily, whose slogan is "Once a week, every week".

In the episode where Homer goes to live in an apartment with two gay men, one of them is seen reading New York Times. Homer is surprised and asks why is he reading the NYT even though he doesn't live in New York. He replies its because all the headlines are a joke in the Springfield Shopper.

An 8-paged Springfield Shopper has been published, written by Simpsons creator Matt Groening himself. It was found inside a newspaper as an feature to advertise The Simpsons Movie.

The Red Dress Press

A short-lived newspaper, written by Lisa Simpson is called The Red Dress Press (with Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph playing various roles in its publication) and was introduced in the last episode of the Simpsons' 15th season, called Fraudcast News, in which after Mr. Burns controls all of the media in Springfield, Lisa tries to fight back with this newspaper, and succeeds after inspiring others to make newspapers of their own.

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