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The Medicine Woman (known by Homer as the "Boob Lady") is a lady who helped Homer have an epiphany.[1] She is a middle-aged Inuit woman who appears to be a mystic shaman and is noted for her M-cup breasts.


The Medicine Woman first appears in the Alaskan wilderness after Homer is attacked by a polar bear which she wards off, and she drags Homer into her tent. After reviving him she tells him that he must reach an epiphany or he is doomed to spend the remainder of his days alone. She begins a throat song and encourages Homer to join in, which he does. Soon he falls into a strange vision where her head appears on a totem pole and she tortures him. Homer soon reaches an epiphany, realizing that he must save Springfield from being destroyed, and wakes up and thanks her (calling her "Boob Lady" in the process). Later in the movie when Homer is looking for his family, and becomes lost and weak due to the cold, the Medicine Woman appears in a vision of an aurora, and points him in the right direction with her macromastic mammaries (which is perhaps a reference to a scene that actress Mae West refused to do in one of her movies). Homer later briefly encounters her at Springfield while he is despairing and points to him the motorcycle that he could use to blow up the dome, and he later pays her money, or tries to, anyway (She isn't actually seen in this scene, but Homer's statements as well as actions imply that she was present).

Homer sees "Boob Lady" in the sky

She reappears in Vancouver.[2] When Marge asks who she is, Homer replies that she was his "therapist". She then asks Homer for the money he owes her (as his previous attempt at paying her didn't work due to giving it to a tree). Homer drives away quickly yelling that he couldn't hear her.

She makes a short appearance in the opening credits of He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs, posing as Chief Wiggum. The credits seem to be taking place after the movie, as shattered glass from the dome and houses being built are seen in the background.


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