Meet The Be Sharps is the first music album by the barbershop quartet The Be Sharps. It was released in 1986, while recorded between 1985-1986. The lead single is Baby on Board, released at 1986 and produced by Nigel.


In Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Bart and Lisa discover the album at the festival at Comic Book Guy's booth. Later, Homer tells Bart and Lisa the story of the quartet, where he speaks about the starts in Moe's Cavern, when Nigel discovers them and when they record their first single. The album was proceeded by Bigger Than Jesus.


The album had a tour, as Homer told Marge that he would pretend he didn't have a wife until the tour ended in Sweden. They also sang at the Statue Of Liberty's Centenary.


The tracklist is unknown, but it should probably include:

  • Hello My Honey/Hello My Baby
  • Goodbye, My Coney Island Girl
  • Baby on Board
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