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This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson is an American actor, producer and director.


So sure of Marge Simpson's guilt, the blue-haired lawyer asked the jury whom they found more attractive, Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson, during the trail between Kwik-E-Mart and Marge Simpson.[1]

Mel Gibson once went to Springfield to watch the preview screening for the remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. He tried to hide from the audience, but was soon discovered. In the plane back to Hollywood, he read the comment cards and discovered every one said the movie was great, which makes him think people loved the movie just because he was the starring. But Homer's one submit that said the movie was terrible, Mel got upset and went back to Springfield to ask Homer to help him making a better movie. The producers wanted to destroy their version after watching it, so Homer and Mel got in a car chase all around Hollywood trying to evade them. They finally displayed their movie, but people hated it and Jimmy Stuart's granddaughter threatened to sue them for making a bad movie. Mel's career was over, so he went back to Hollywood and threw Homer out of his limo just after they leave the theater.[2]

Mel also directed a religious kid's movie called The Salad of the Christ, which is a parody of The Passion of the Christ, which Mel directed, and VeggieTales, a Christian kid's show.[3]

Non-canon Appearances

"Treehouse of Horror X"

In the final segment Life's a Glitch, Then You Die, Mel Gibson can be seen boarding a rocketship to Mars.