Melanie Upfoot was the temporary principal of Springfield Elementary in the episode "Girls Just Want to Have Sums". She split the school into two groups: boys and girls. She is sexist.


Melanie is a sexist woman, favouring the girls and not caring in the slightest about the boys. When she split the school in two, she decorated the girls side with art, sculptures, and fountains. She believes girls should have the best education experience possible. On the other hand, on the boys side, she did not decorate it and let it get dirty and look like a gang scene in a ghetto neighborhood, with broken equipment. She also had a cage door put in the back of the bus for boys to travel like criminals while the girls rode normally. Melanie took over as the math teacher for the girls, however, she did not teach math, she used the subject for female empowerment, talking about "how numbers make you feel," "what does a plus sign smell like" and "is the number seven odd, or just different" while disapproving of men treating math like a problem that needs to be solved, none of these being actual math subjects as math 'is' about solving problems. After Principal Skinner's comment that came off like he was saying that boys were better at math than girls, she took advantage of this and hired a math teacher to teach the 4th grade students math beyond their normal level. While the boys were taught 7th grade math, the girls were basically taught nothing besides her nonsensical philosophies. Along with her completely unethical treatment towards male students, Melanie also made multiple false claims about men mistreating women in absurd situations such as the time she told Chalmers that calling her by her first name was "harassment". Then, she made out with him later. She was replaced by Skinner as principal for an unknown reason (though likely due to her gender bias opinions and failure to properly educate the girls).


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