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  • Where are they from?

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  • I left an explanation over at the main page for the videogame but I will keep it short.

    I wish to edit The Simpsons Hit and Run page but it is protected and it says only register users can edit. I am a registered user and have made contributions to Simpsons video games. Why isn't it letting me edit the page? I have spotted some minor errors in the article at its current state. 

    I will appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thank you.

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  • You have been clearing valid song pages of a certain user for weeks now, under multiple user names and IPs.
    Please stop.
    You clear the page and add delete categories without proof.
    A simple check of the episode before you delete would have prevented this from happening, over and over and over.
    Deleting a page's whole content without checking it's validity is considered vandalism and is a negative liability to this wiki.
    You are erasing someone's hard valid contributing work. You have been banned multile times for deleting content before ( Thread and Thread , the block log of, Thread) after you were repeatedly warned not to, so you know it's wrong and can't claim misunderatsnding again like the copy and pasting of another site's content.
    This conduct should have stopped already.
    Since I already put this message on your RightFielder page I won't repeat post it on the other multiple IPS you are shown to edit under.

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    Liquidbabydoll closed this thread because:
    discussion finished
    03:43, July 22, 2015
  • I have to ask one question, did you bother to read the link at all?

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    • Yes, but sadly I'm still unsure and unready for any information on any next season. I haven't quite gotten over the dismay of how the last season concluded. Didn't mean to get frantic or destructive. --1RichardHunt (talk) 05:11, June 9, 2014 (UTC)

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