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  • Hello, as you can see from this link, the plot was added to Wikisimpsons on 02:31, March 26, 2018 .

    This is the link to the Wikipedia diff. As you can see from that, it was added on 11:15, 27 March 2018, a whole day later.

    As you can see from this diff, the plot was posted at 19:50, March 26, 2018, the same day as the Wikisimpsons edit but several hours later.

    Now, the Wikia wiki is 4 hours ahead, so taking that in mind, the plot was taken from Wikisimpsons 13 hours after it was posted. Now, even if it was taken from Wikipedia, it was still our content which was taken. The Wikipedia article has since been edited to remove the stolen content.

    So, please do not steal from other wikis. Read this policy please. Thank you.

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    • Also, the same for the JJ Gruff article. That was also taken from Wikisimpsons.

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    • Sorry about that I promise that won't happen again please give me another chance.

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    • Anthone, thanks for helping out. I'm going to paste in the same message I left for two other people, so you have a little more information about why we're telling you this.

      Copying from most other wikis is allowed, but you have to say where you got it from. The Edit Summary box is where you would put in the note, such as "copied from the Marvel Database". As noted by the policy linked to in the earlier message, there is one exception.

      Wikisimpsons has stated that they do not want anything copied from them, so I added that to the policy as a courtesy to them. I don't know if they ever made a similar policy on their side, such as "any member of Wikisimpsons that adds info from here to another wiki is subject to being blocked".

      Regardless, the best thing to do is not to copy from another wiki if you don't have to, even if you'd say so in the Edit Summary. Watch the episodes and come up with your own descriptions.

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