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  • Check out Frankie the Squealer page. The picture keeps being changed to the inferior one stolen from wikisimpsons

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    Liquidbabydoll closed this thread because:
    Past trouble making. self confessed plagiarist user harassing another user for over a year without provocation
    00:05, September 23, 2015
    • Regardless where it came from, that's what we call a "grabpic", which is someone drawing a character in the style of the series. We would rather have screenshots. I changed the picture to a screenshot from a season 24 episode so it's nice and crisp.

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    • Passive voice aside, user Tina.g.sherwin changed the picture -- a third time ([1] [2] [3])  -- sans discussion.

      When ToyStoryFan123 agreed with me, we had consensus, and I restored the more interesting and colorful screenshot. I had copyright concerns about the grabpic (DeviantArt , not wikisimpsons).

      After I went four or five days without editing, Ms. Sherwin put the inferior image back -- despite the consensus.

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    • It is from Deviantart.

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  • As far as sources go:

    1) Vittorio DiMaggio is heavily implied as the Don of the crime family in the episode  "Homie the Clown". Highly doubt that "Don" is his name. Although the newer episodes imply that Fit Fat Tony is the new boss, "Homie the Clown" makes it obvious that the original Fat Tony was the Underboss, and he answers to Don Vittorio.

    2) Johnny the Face-Shooter is one of the names of other mafia members mentioned by Fat Tony in "Donnie Fatso", in the scene where he's visiting his late wife's grave.

    3) Johnny Tightlips, Legs, and Louie: In many of the episodes, you can tell what their statuses are from the jobs they're seen doing. One example is in "The Real Housewives of Fat Tony", Johnny Tightlips is smoking while Legs and Louie are the ones drowning Frankie the Squealer in the background while Fat Tony is proposing to Selma.

    4) Shotgun Pete. One of the names mentioned by Fit Fat Tony in "Penny Wise-guys", when he's telling Dan Gillick to lay off some of the mafia members.

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  • Wiki-wordmark

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    --RRabbit42 (talk) 00:14, April 21, 2014 (UTC)
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