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    Dr Egghead is the main antagonist of The Three Bears franchise. He's Vicky's arch-nemesis and The Trolls' former boss.


    He's a grumpy evil scientist who hates that he's bald. He's trying to make hair lotion every day, but always fails and accidently makes flower lotion instead. The running gag in cartoons is whenever he makes lotion and tries it on his head to see does it work, looks at himself in the mirror and sees that his head is covered in flowers. Then, he starts screaming and pulling flowers out of his head. On some occasions, Boss used to put water on flowers from Dr Egghead's head, and Dr Egghead punched him to the head and called him an idiot. Because he couldn't make a good lotion, he often encouraged Trolls to capture Vicky, Cuddly, Happy Dog and Kimbo and bring them to him so he can cut their hair and make himself a wig. His main goal is to cut Vicky's hair, because he wants to be blondie, like his favorite Rock Star.

    Villainous Acts

    He encouraged Trolls to kidnap Vicky and her friends and bring them to him, because he wanted to make wigs from their hair.

    He encouraged Ghost, Skeleton and Zombie to kidnap Vicky and her friends and bring them to him (that was when he fired Trolls).

    He tried to kidnap Vicky by himself in several episodes.

    He made a virus creature and commanded him to kill Three Bears.

    He made potion which makes other starts arguing for no actual reason, and gave it to Trolls and told them to use it on everybody.

    He abused Boss, Dumpy, Silly, Ghost, Skeleton and Zombie both physically and verbally whenever they said or did something stupid.


    He shares similarities with Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes franchise, because they are both bald and hate it, and often try to make hair starts growing from their heads.

    His name might be parody on Dr Eggman, the main antagonist from Sonic franchise.  

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